Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prompt Journal Giveaway!

Prompt /'pram(p)t/ vt [ME prompten, fr. ML promptare, fr. L promptus prompt]
1: to move to action : INCITE 2: to assist (one acting or reciting) by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned : CUE 3 : to serve as the inciting cause of : urge - prompt-er n

To celebrate the opening of my etsy shop (and already making a sale!!! thank you Cindy! And I hope you find my "book", "useful"!)
I am having a giveaway.
One lucky winner will receive one of my prompt journals
created from
20 library book pocket cards, bound together with sturdy chipboard covers,
and using a lovely patina-ed antique silver wire.
This handy little prompter measures approx. 3" x 5".
Of course, every page has a book title which suggests something to write about or
illustrate. It could also be used for a spontaneous game of charades!

Most of the pages are marked with handwriting and or date stamps for a great altered art base.
The pages are slightly larger than an ATC so creating a little piece of art
doesn't take a huge time commitment.

To be eligible to win one of these unique journals,
please post a link to my blog and/ or etsy shop
on your blog and leave a comment here.
Prompt question:
If you had a box of sugar cubes, a jar of rusted nails
and a sock, what would you make?
I'll announce the winner next Monday.
Tell your friends!

Note: Winner is NOT chosen based on how the above prompt question is answered. ;) Winner will be chosen by randon drawing.


Donna said...

Im in! You're link from my blog! But if I have to answer that question...Hahahaa...All I can come up with is..."a mess"...LOL..Sorry!
I'm Not very Crafty!!hughugs

Cindy Leaders said...

Very cool idea. Can't wait to get mine!!


~*~Patty S said...

Oooo wonderful giveaway Nathalie!!! I did put a plug in for you on my bbb, but that was 'before' your giveaway! Does adding you to my "Gift Ideas" category on my blog roll count ;)did that too :)

Marlynn said...

Found you over at Magpie's Nest and just decided to go and buy your wonderful prompt journal. Love your stuff. Will mention you on my blog.... so, guess what I'm saying is since I bought one give someone else a chance to win one free! (I am such a sick puppy!) Love your blog.

Jeanie said...

Sugar cubes, nails and a sock, hmmm. Well, if I can also use glue and scissors, I'd cut the sock into small pieces, stack them into an interesting shape, using glue to stiffen them and hold them together, and then poke the nail through, bend it, and use it as a tree ornament. Oh, and before it goes on the tree, I smash the sugar cubes into glitter and dipping the sock pyramid in glue/water, I'd sprinkle them all over. (And of course it's a red and white sock). And I hope I win your drawing!

Wendy said...

Oh, congrats on the store!!! I will go check it out immediately... I love your stuff!

I'd probably use the nails to rust the sock fabric, and then make a sock monster out of it. The sugar cubes I'd just eat.

I'm off to link on my blog now...

daysease said...

First things first... HI!! Secondly, I have linked to you...

And thirdly... a box of sugar, rusty nails and a sock, huh? I would attempt to make the neatest house by putting up the nails with spaces betweetn them and wedging the sugar cubes between them. challenging? Maybe, but sounds like a fun thing to try. and the sock I would make into either a snowman to prop outside the sugar cube house door or cut it up and make a sock family to live in the house. FUN question!! I hope I win!! I LOVE the idea of a prompt journal. Yippee!

KatieScarlett said...

Well - I can't win because I don't have a blog - but since I found you trough my new friend KiwiCarole I at least wanted to welcome you to the world of etsy. I'll be traveling there next to see what you've got for sale! If Carole recommends you then you must have great stuff :)

As for that stuff - I would unravel the socks and soak them with the rusty nails to age them, then I could use the yarn as embellishments for art pieces. I don't if sugar would work as glitter but I'd crush the cubes and try - worst case is that it would add great thickening texture to some glue mixed with dye inks.

Good luck with the store,
Kathy in Utah

Egater said...

I wouldeat a sugar (do I really?), and after that it would be cleaning day ;)

Unknown said...

Hmmm, some very clever answers!

Here is one from Emily Pruitt, who doesn't have a blogger account but emailed me personally (and gave me permission to reprint her answer-- too good not to share!)

"Regarding the nail and sugar cubes and sock, I believe at the Kentucky Derby folks can buy a drink called “dirty sock”. I’m not sure what the base is (Kentucky bourbon?), but it might have sugar cubes in it and something else, probably something for which rusty nails is the slang? I’ve never been to the Derby and I’ve never drunk dirty sock (or anything else alcoholic!), so I’m probably way off base. However, I’m thinking I’ve heard about this, or read about it, or something! On the other hand, maybe I’m just making it up!!!"

Ashlyn said...

Well, I would construct marvelous tower of sugar cubes where the dear princess of sugar Cube World is held captive by the stinky sock monster and the rusty nails are the town mob who have come to save the princess. So, I guess my answer is a small play, just for fun!!

I hope I win!!! This is so cool!!!

Off to do my first blog in over a month!! Look at you, your inspiring me to come back to blogger world. LOL

Big Hugs, Ashlyn

carole brungar said...

Hi Nathalie, decided this was too good to pass over! (had to put my entry in!)
The sugar cubes would be put into a dainty china sugar bowl so I could say to visitors - 1 lump or 2? LOL

the sock I would was in very hot water and felt, the cut the bottom off and half the toe off and stitch round the edges and embellish, sew the rest of the sock on and wella! A felted purse!

The nails I'd keep to wrap up in bits of calico to rust dye, and some I'd use to embellish with.

Keeping all fingers crossed here!
carole x

Aik said...

If you had a box of sugar cubes, a jar of rusted nails
and a sock, what would you make?

I'd make sugar cube pins and pin them on the sock which is previously filled with cotton wool!

I blogged here:

Please check out my blog for 2 other giveaways!

aikychien at yahoo dot com