Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Blog Tour

I have started to collect links to blogs decorated for the holidays so those, like me(!), who love Christmas homes tours, can get a virtual Christmas tour on-line!
If you, or a favorite blog you know, has a wonderful Christmasy color scheme, music or banner, post me the link and I will add it to my tour list. I have a very short list so far, but am hopeful it will grow. Enjoy!
The photos I've posted are of our house. This is our first year displaying lights like my husband has always wanted to. He plans to add to it every year. More lights. Maybe some figures. But definitely more lights! We live on a corner and our house can be seen from all sides so the icicle lights hang from the eaves ALL the way around the house. I have to remind myself that there are extension cords lying in the grass when I go out into the front yard!

Made In Heaven (check out the angel!)
Maude and Mozart

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We Need a Little Christmas

Because we NEED a little Christmas

Right this very minute,

Candles in the windows,

Carols on the spinnette....

I've heard that tune on the radio already 3 times and it's not past Thanksgiving weekend. The days will be flying now as we count down to The Day, so I thought I had better decorate my blog a little like we decked out our living room yesterday. Nothing brings holiday cheer like the color RED! And if you are in need of some new festive rubber stamps, check out my ebay auctions. :) I have lots of stamps up for auction right now and will be adding more tomorrow. Every purchase comes wrapped and personalized with extras. I can't help myself. 'Tis the season!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Altered Moravian Stars

I have found instructions on-line! Look here. I cut my strips 5/8" wide (just a hair over a half an inch) and kept the length of the hymnal book's page. For the on-line instructions, stop at the end of page 2 and snip off extra ends. Unless you want to do a dimensional star.

I wanted to wait to post my latest project to include instructions, but a cantankerous computer and a too busy 3 year old is keeping me from it. Hopefully soon. These are based on a Moravian star without the third dimension and I used old, yellowed hymnal pages so there is a patchwork effect with a little bit of numbers, a little bit of musical notes and a lot of lettering. Vintage buttons dress them up. Wouldn't it be incredible to cover a whole tree with these? They make great package tie ons and are flat enough to slip into a Christmas card (for those who still send them!) I will try to post instructions very soon or find a link for you, so you can make your own. I made 6 of them yesterday while visiting with a friend, so as projects go, these stars travel well. I made these for a recent Christmas open house and they sold well. Someone asked for instructions so that's what started me thinking about writing some down with photo illustrations of some of the steps. Time, time, time. Where are you?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Suddenly Autumn

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and concern as I have grieved over my sister Anne. Your support has been a huge comfort.

While my husband and I were in Detroit for my sister's funeral, Autumn arrived in Misssouri. For real. We came home to find that the large maple in our backyard had shed itself all over the grass. Leaves had blown and collected against the chain link fence.
Today was the first day of Deer Season (rifle) so Hubby and Son woke early to go shoot Bambi while the girls and I hung out at home. Rebecca gladly posed for a photo (above) while Victoria did everything in her power to avoid my lens and succeeded. Our guys came home empty handed while a friend they were hunting with got an 8 point buck. Tomorrow is another early day as the men head out to try again. Today I did laundry and supervised kids playing outside, but tomorrow I hope to do some art-ing or mix up cookie dough. Maybe both. I had hoped to take part in a holiday open house next weekend, but have nothing to show for it. I have some Thanksgiving rubber stamps and vintage place cards I need to post on ebay too before it's too late. *sigh* What keeps me going these days is drinking pots of tea. Celestial Seasonings "India Spiced Chai" with milk and sweetener. The essence of Autumn and a comforting drink!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Little Something

My newest zine, hot off the press. "A Little Something ZINE" is a small zine full of small things- charms, postage stamps and inchies, all reproduced actual sized. Comes with a matchbox full of actual charms, postage and inchie blanks, as well as a template for creating a matchbox "cozy".
An unplanned detail was dedicating the project to the memory of my sister Anne. She was brutally stabbed to death this past Monday. Finishing the zine was very cathartic for me. Please be praying for my husband and I as we fly to Detroit for the funeral this weekend and for my family as we deal with the shock and grief. I am the oldest of 4 surviving siblings (a brother and 2 sisters). Anne was my second from youngest sister, only aged 36, and has left 4 kids ages 6- 13. It is horrific for us all. We strongly believe her ex-husband (the kids' father) did the heinous act. He is still at large, in Ohio now, driving her van and using her credit cards. He has done nothing to cover his tracks so it's only a matter of time before he is apprehended.