Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trash to Treasure

I have to share about what I literally picked up from the side of the road. Someone had put out unwanted items by their drive with the sign, "FREE". Well, I can't pass up that kind of deal, so I screeched my car to a halt and helped myself. This "shelf" was full of dead spiders and the inside was lined with moth eaten gold colored felt (lovely!). I pulled off the back, scraped the felt off, collaged on some old book pages (to lighten the inside and make the cubbies interesting), cleaned out the dust and spiders and now it houses my most often used rubber stamps, some ink pads, and misc. A couple of old boxes slide right in as drawers. LOVE IT! Best trash picking in weeks! My husband joked about how I will probably take a picture of it and email my trophy around to friends. So of course I had to post about it!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Party Time!

Well, I got my dresses done! I HAD to make two. I dreamt about their designs last night. Really! One HAD to be Parisian, featuring my favorite icon with the enigmatic smile. The other HAD to be Asian (because I obsessively collect Asian rubber stamps I have yet to use!) The Asian shift is for the cocktail hour. Eb, may I have a paper umbrella and a tall, slim glass for my raspberry wine?

My Parisian number is for twirling and swirling (notice the full skirt). I plan to drink and dance until I can't feel my feet anymore. Okay, so maybe I will stop after one drink (I am a cheap drunk), but keep dancing! Barefoot! I'm sure Rebecca will join me for dancing. She likes to wear two dresses at once because two dresses twirl and swirl better than one! And I have to give a public thank you to Linda who RAK'd me with the lovely hanger when I boo-hooed about not having one (like everyone else) for this wonderful event. It was completely unexpected and such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. What a friend! I'm sure she would give me the dress off of her back if I could just squeeze into it!
Speaking of lovely dresses that don't fit, I have two that need someone to wear and appreciate them. You can see them here and here. The first has gorgeous sequined chrysthanamums on the bodice (goes with this whole harvest moon party theme) and the second is a cute little retro vintage looking ensemble. I would love for a couple of fellow bloggers to have them!

Making Dresses

Have you heard about about the cyberspace party? Party crashers are welcome. Although if you show up, you will be considered a guest. :) Learn all about it here. Be there Octover 26 (tomorrow)! I am just now making my dresses. Okay, if ONE gets done, I will be happy, but I am planning for two. See you there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Overcoming Mountains

I overcame my mountain sized fear of my girlie little Black and Decker drill (Dremmel sized mole hill) and drilled a hole in a dominoe for a charm, just like that. [Snapping fingers to illustrate how easy it was!] I thought I needed a vise to hold the dominoe or whatever I was drilling and that the speed would be so fast that I had to fear for my fingers. NOT SO! It drills at granny speed and is perfect for my spontaneous creative brainstorms. Just left a tiny dimple in my computer desk -my all purpose work surface. :) This charm is hanging off of a RAK to Nita. Yeah, I might be giving away a surprise, but I want others to know who she is and what she is going through.

Random Acts in the Mail

I've had GREAT mail arriving in my PO box lately! Above, this fabulous garland from Linda. I will keep it up all year round- it works for all seasons (love the colors!). It's hanging on the faux mantle in my studio.

From Chris, a wonderful collection of 12 tags with a cleverly illustrated scripture for each month. She said she made up 30 of these bunches for RAKing! From Donna K.- a beautiful folio of "change" scriptures, postage stamps from her trip to Bulgaria and a beautiful, lovely charm. The charm needs a special chain all by itself. I am all loved up!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


While the farmers around here are harvesting corn, I thought I would do my own gathering in. I collected seeds from my marigolds (I love their smell!), morning glories and zinnias.

Come January or so when I am between major holiday projects (I can dream, can't I?) I will make decorated seed packets to RAK to friends and family in the spring. I don't have Christmas 2007 wrapped up yet, but I have provisions for the Spring of 2008!

Monday, September 10, 2007


I went to the Classic Shop again, on Saturday, this time with the kids and while they rummaged through toys, I noticed the shop's large collection of frames, as if for the first time. I walked away with 2 grocery bags full, whereas the kids were disappointed to only have found one toy each that they were willing to plunk down their coins for (I was amazed!) Because I am notorious for bringing home, "junk", I vowed to myself that I would DO something with my new "treasures" and as it happened, Rebecca fell asleep in the car on the drive home (Divine intervention for sure!)

While Rebecca napped for over an hour and the older kids were self occupied, I got busy with furniture polish, metal fly screening, mini brads and vintage photos and created these 3 gems. I delivered them today to my good friend Liz to sell in her shop. She is getting a table at Higginsville's fall festival this coming weekend and plans to take my pieces along. I hope to make a few more things for her to sell.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Toe Rings

I am diligently writing ebay auctions this morning to post tonight when Rebecca comes dancing into my studio sporting her green velvet dress-up dress (once worn by older sister Victoria) and creative footwear, er TOE wear. How cute is THAT? I laugh every time I see this picture! Glad I took the picture quick, because a few minutes later she had shed her toe rings and was frollicking, once again, au naturelle.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Classic Shop

I didn't go yesterday, so I had to go today and look what I found!!! Five little bottles, corks intact (and removable) @10 cents. I left a price tag on to prove it. Varigated sewing thread in my favorite golden shades, 25 cents. Card of seam bias lace, 10 cents (I have a box full, but can't resist another purchase- it was only a DIME, come on!) The bottles will be altered and sent out as RAKs if I don't keep one or two for myself. I will be sure to post the transformation.

I have to explain the Classic Shop, because it is AMAZING as thrift stores go. To quote from my zine, "64021" (see sidebar), "Run by an ecumenical group of volenteers, the Classic Shop appears to be just another thrift store, but I consider it my treasure cave. The ladies dutifully put everything out for sale, odds and ends and bits of things other thrift stores would throw out... " And I find amazing things for dimes or free (sometimes they will throw an item into the bag and say, "just have it". Yet, I have been told several times that they make their rent, utlilties ad insurance payments and STILL have money to give back to the community. The school once called The Classic Shop about financing a pair of glasses for a little boy whose parents couldn't afford them. The Classic Shop did. I can support that. Often at the checkout counter I say, "keep the change".

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


What could be more lavish than using REAL butterfly wings in your artwork? I have run across more expired butterflies this year than most and carefully scoop them up to use in art. My kids will even spot them for me (they know my fascination and they love butterflies too). Worn and tattered doesn't matter to me. They are beautiful in any condition.
This ATC was made almost completely out of RAK'd (to me) materials- from the Golden Glazed background paper to the Victorian child, to the dictionary words. I just added the vintage postage stamp and wings. It will be flying off as a RAK to someone else today

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I was tagged one post ago, but have been sitting on this one. Linda (thank YOU!) tagged me and I am supposed to list 6 interesting or weird things about myself, then I am supposed to tag 6 other people. I'll start with my list and maybe tag later.

1. I was born in Louvaine, Belgium. To an American mother and an Australian father.

2. I was a "boat child". Crossed the Atlantic when I was about 1 year old (I'll have to find the picture of my mom holding me on the deck's rail).

3. I married a Thompson, but my maiden name is Bakunovich. Pronounced like it's spelled! The weird thing is, people ask me how to spell Thompson! With an "h" and a "p"?

4. Weird: I have a dimple in my right hand pinky finger, right under the nail. I've always had it. When I was a kid, I wondered if a doctor had stuck me with a needle when I was born and it healed badly.

5. I have met Martha Stewart, dined with Joan Walsh Anglund, have a picture drawn by Chuck Jones, signatures from Jim Davis, Mr. Rogers, Sam Butcher, Fritz Freleng, lunched with Mary Englebreit, and attended workshops with Marjolein Bastin; just to name a few, all while working at Hallmark Cards, Inc. as an artist.

6. Oh, "interesting": English was not my first language.

Now I will tag LaRinda and maybe muster up the courage to tag more.