Friday, September 16, 2011

HOW TO Make Last Minute Bookmarks for a Crowd

Back in July I got a phone call from a woman who said my name was given to her as someone to call about Altered Books. She did not have a clue what they were about and so was intrigued. Would I come speak to the Higginsville Women's Club in September? I was flattered to be asked and relieved that I had two months to prepare.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. The program was that evening and I wanted to create a "leave behind" as a souvenier for those who attended which would also have my contact info on it.
Yeah, I know I had two months to do it!
I decided on a bookmark and made 26 of them within 4 hours out of materials I had on hand (because procrastinating limits one's options!)

You are lucky that I had the foresight to take pictures of the process!

I tore pages out of one of my altered books that had pages to spare.

Folding them in thirds made the perfect bookmark width and a little glue(stick) made them "stay" while I designed on them.

First a collage stamp in Eggplant Envy.
Then a clock face in Really Rust (looks like a giant, round blob).

Vintage postage stamps added some much needed color-

my ink pad selection is limited.

Another collage stamp at the bottom...

Then my favorite part-- dulling my sewing machine needle on paper!

In the process of adding a decorative stitch to the bookmark, I also attached some frilly fibers at the top.

I added "ALTERED" (one last rubber stamp) as an after thought

then signed my name on the back in the clean space that was the book page's margin.

The program was a huge hit, as well as the bookmarks.

Several of the 20 women who attended told me, during the oatmeal cake and coffee, that they were inspired and couldn't wait to start a book of their own- or to get their grandkids/ niece/ nephew started on one.

I love inspiring people to try something new.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proper Tea Form

During one breakfast over the weekend, Rebecca suddenly took it upon herself to demonstrate for me the proper way to drink tea.

I guess she felt I was not aware,

or she just wanted to show off her vast knowledge of things.

Here she is with her fingers grasping the teacup's handle while her pinky is thrust out for effect.

She also toasted me with a, "pip, pip cheerio", before she raised her cup.

(something she learned from an epsiode of "Backyardigans").

Now you are informed too!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cheater Backgrounds and Other Goodies

I have hardly had time to make some art, or blog about it.
This past Friday I decided to make time.

I started with cheater backgrounds sent to me as a RAK from a lovely Christian Paper Artists woman. (The papers were no longer in their original mailing envelope so I do not know who to thank now.) I also grabbed some chopstick wrappers and Chinese fortunes I had saved from a recent dinner. The beautiful Asian images are from Linda
and the "found" items (pins, sequins, postage stamps) are from my good friend Karyn, who sent me a box of goodies just because she was thinking of me. (I love being thought of, don't you?)

I happily played for a good hour before I had to rush off to a friend's house for lunch

(we experimented with making carrot cake waffles and ate until we had sugar comas).

This pastel card looks a little unfinished and will probably get a fortune glued to it before I send it off. Well, of course, I am not keeping these for myself! I have so many friends who have blessed me with goodies and I haven't had a chance to send proper thank yous.

This card is going up to Canada.

I think I need to play some more! I still have lots of materials left to work with!