Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Personal Odessey

It is blustery cold and snowy outside and I have no pressing need to leave the house.
So I steel myself to go out on the back porch and open yet another box from our recent move.
I have told myself that I don't know where I'm going to put the contents, but that avoidance tactic is wearing thin.
It all has to go somewhere, and my husband has begun to suggest
that it should all go out for the trashmen to pick up.
"No, I will deal with it!",
I say in a pack ratter's panicked voice.
So here I am.
I choose a mostly empty, black trash bag, thinking,
"It doesn't have much, so this shouldn't take long."
Yeah, right!
I pull out some of Rebbecca's clothing, a brocade jacket of mine, and a t-shirt for Seth.
Things thrown into the bag last minute as we were giving our former house the once-over.
Why do I let this stuff sit?
So I hang up the jacket in my bedroom's closet and take the rest up to the kids' rooms.
After I put away Rebecca's clothing, I spy a small plastic bag thrown into a corner of her room, forgotten since our move.
Since I am in an organizing mood, I open it.
Miscellaneous bed linens (what?!) and hand-me-down clothing for Rebecca.
I put away the clothing that will fit her and put the rest back into the bag,
mentally labeling it "thrift store".
While in her room, I also empty a small suitcase and "treasure chest" ;
the former full of still more clothing and the latter full of debris and missplaced Legos (aaarrGgggh!)
The Legos are reunited with their friends, the debris is thrown out (like it should have been to begin with!), the suitcase has dress-up clothing put into it (formerly strewn about on the floor) and both pieces of luggage are stowed into the closet, hopefully far enough back where Rebecca won't discover them immediately.
I don't want to have to repeat this process again too soon.
In this process of tidying up, I find a pair of sweat pants with a hole in the seat and a pair of tattered and stained shorts.  They will become rags.
My studio is next door to the kids' rooms so I can get my hands on a pair of scissors quickly, without the risk of distraction, which a search in another part of the house would surely have brought!
The rags made, I go into the bathroom (also upstairs) to put them away under the sink, but not before I spy the smeary vanity mirror and spattered sink.
Well, no time like the persent to use one of these rags!
I end up cleaning not only the mirror and sink, but also the toilet and around the shower where hair, dust and whatnot collects. (ick!)
It took two of my rags, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I recycled some old clothing instead of throwing away several paper towels in the process.
And so reads my Personal Odessey as a Stay-At-Home-Mom.
It's no wonder I avoid opening the boxes and bags on the back porch!
But after a quick lunch, I go back to find another box-- this time with what I know to be creative stuff.
Spools of thread, embroidery hoops, cards of buttons, and sewing machine bobbins are already stowed away in a large, glass candy jar.
It can't be all work!
Some assemblage ideas are swirling in my head, but I have to be disciplined and finish emptying the box.  The kids will be home from school any minute and then I will have small hands
 grabbing and asking,
"What's this?"
"Can I see?"
Have you had an adventure today?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blooms as Promised

Last week you got a peek of a Christmas cactus in my studio, with tiny buds.
I am blessed with a plant that blooms twice a year; especially blessed because I neglect it.
I rarely water it, have not fed it in over a year and it's probably root bound.
It's a survivor.
The second blooming is not as grand a display as the first time (fewer flowers),
but in the middle of January, with the temperature below freezing outside,
it's a beautiful sight nonetheless.
I hope you have something to delight in today.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

There's No Place Like Home (It's Tea Tuesday!)

Over the weekend we rearranged furniture.
After the living room got a new look, I got my studio back at the top of the second floor stairs.
The kids never utilized the room like my husband thought they would, as their designated Play Room,
so, the space was destined to be mine once again!
And why wasn't the space mine to begin with?
My husband hated the mess.
He doesn't understand that creativity is not a clean, sterile process.
You would think after 19 years of marriage we would be past that issue, but we aren't.
But I digress.
I regained my sanctuary and wanted to share my joy with you!
Funny thing- the kids like the space better since I moved in.
They are more likely to "hang out" in the space now.
Go figure.  It just needed my presence.
Bear in mind that I haven't created anything in the space yet, so it looks spotless.
Just give me a minute- I'll have it lived-in in no time!
Until then I am just happy to sit and "be",
enjoying the sunlight and views to the south and west through the large windows.
Grateful to have my sewing machine and art materials placed where I can use them once again.
I am most grateful though, for the sunlight.
The room relaxes and re-energizes me like no place else on earth.
It's my slice of heaven with a cup of tea!
P.S. The straggly looking plant in front of the window is a large Christmas cactus full of blooms,  ready to burst out in gorgeous color.
I'll be posting photos soon.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

On the way to the dentist this past Tuesday, I stopped at a new and used furniture place called "Town's End" (because the place is located on the edge of town...) and happened to find a bar stool to replace the rickety dog-chewed ones we had.  I needed three (three kids, three stools...).  The store owner said he had more stools, just that they wouldn't be a perfect match, but the stools could be repainted.  Well, you see in my photo that two are similar in style, but the third I hesitated to take because it was so different.  I mean, it was a couple inches taller and sprayed painted gold- badly!  It could not be uglier if it had had macaroni glued to it under the paint. 
The store owners encouraged me to take the gold stool, by offering it free with the purchase of the other two. 
I caved.
Three stools for $20, even if one was atrocious, is not a deal I could pass up!
When my (three) kids came home from school,
Rebecca (8 years old) pounced on the golden stool and immediately claimed it for her own, going so far as to carve her name into the seat with a ball point pen.
Ah, love at first sight!
If we glue plastic gemstones or other ludicrous collage materials on it at some time in the future, it would only be guilding a lily.
As it stands now, the stool is already a golden throne in the eyes of a small girl.
So I'm wondering now if I had bought a $20 golden bar stool and actually got the other two for free...
It's all in how you look at things.