Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm In Print!

I have been loooong anticipating the latest issue of Somerset Studio (May/June-- the "Fearless" issue) because I submitted a piece of art for it back in December.

I never got a congratulatory email or letter from them, so when I got the magazine in my mailbox today, my heart fell. It did not say "comp" above my mailing address, so I could only assume that I did not make it. I half heartedly thumbed through the magazine over a lunch of leftover spaghetti. As I was nearing the back of the magazine, I browsed quicker-- I still have boxes to unpack and couldn't linger too much longer but right about then I almost choked on my pasta.

There on page 117 was my fly screen tag with bees wax and scissors!!!!!!!! (I am using a photo from an old post since I am still not set up for taking pictures and posting my photos-- this is my daughter's computer I'm on now).

My second time in print!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Tea Tuesday!

Sorry no visual aid today. I am on my son's laptop in our new house and feel like I am reporting from a war zone. We moved in last Friday and Saturday I concentrated on cleaning cupboards and unpacking kitchen boxes so we wouldn't be eating carry out pizza for every meal.

Yesterday I went to the doctor about my "cold" because it had gotten worst (the stress of packing, moving and lack of sleep). I was told it was allergies (of course!) and I need to attack it with antihistamines and nasal spray. I was also told that bronchitis can take weeks to go away. So I am drinking tea. Ginger, Bengal Spice (Celestial Seasonings) and throat soothers with anise. And sweeping up mouse poop (this old house was a sanctuary for the critters!) and unpacking boxes. Still lots to do.

Hopefully I will have my computer set up in the next day or so. I can't wait to post photos of our new digs!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can't Stifle Inspiration

I am dying to show Patty's whole kipper tin she sent for altering, but don't want to spoil the surprise before she gets it (just mailed it to her today).

I had a whole lot of packing to do yesterday, but what did I do instead?

Made art!

I am lagging behind the rest.

All of the art is "home" except for two pieces from me.

Now I just have Carole's hoop to do.

Hoop to do, hoop to do!

Sounds funny when you say it several times!


Okay, back to packing.
My husband came home tonight and is ready to start moving boxes!



My studio is not packed up yet and I am terrified that he will just start throwing things into boxes and I will never find anything again.

I am slower and more methodical and he is a "Git 'er done!" type.

I have to work tomorrow, so won't be around to supervise the safe handling of my stuff (I am an uptight micro manager- bet you couldn't guess!)

Deep breaths.

It will all get done in due time.

I just need to take another chill pill.

And maybe sneak in some more art.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot Damn, It's Tea Tuesday!

Last week I was drinking a peppery ginger tea to attack my sore throat.

This week I still have a hoarse voice and a ticklish throat so I am bringing out the big guns.

Tastes like cough syrup with the numbing qualities of Chloresceptic.

Ounce for ounce, costs about the same as Nyquil. Maybe cheaper!

But schnapps looks better in a teacup.

Just trying to show you the possibities for those teacups you collect,

but don't drink tea from.

(NO, I did not have this for breakfast! This was my nightcap last night. Remember I am working full time and packing a house so I am creatively scheduling my posts.)

By the way, I can't wait to show you photos of our "new" house.

I can sum up the house in two words.

"Butler's Pantry".


Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're Moving on Up... To the East Side

Anyone recognize the theme song to "The Jeffersons"?

Seemed appropriate for this post, because we are in fact moving and we are moving to the east side of town.

In this small town, that translates into a move 5 blocks away. Ha!

So that's my excuse for not posting on my blog, not visiting your blog and not responding very well to comments left here.

I am packing boxes.

And any of you who have a lot of stuff know what a huge task that is (and maybe shudder to think of ever having to move!)

The shelves are slowly emptying, but not quick enough.

We just decided last weekend

that we are moving Easter weekend, which is insanely close now; but now to compound the stress, I have to work at the post office all this coming week since the post mistress has a family emergency and doesn't know how long it will keep her out of town.

My husband, the over the road truck driver, is wondering who will be packing the house with both of us working. I told him that I only work from 7:45am- 4:45am daily, so that leaves me with my 1 hour lunch, plus the other 15 hours each day I have "free".

I don't see a problem.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeking Healing Comfort in Tea

I am sick.

Cough, congestion, itchy throat and ears.

It's this dang, "beautiful" spring weather and temperatures fluctuations.

Allergies to mold, dust and pollen have turned into a head cold.

So I am seeking comfort in something hot and spicy

by the MUG FULL.

A dainty teacup won't do today.

Besides, I have a "new" thrift store find to show off.

Got this rockin' souvenir-of-Arizona coffee mug last week.

I fell in love with the cactus-shaped handle and the campiness of it all.

And it was only a dime! (all of the thrift store's mug are 10 cents because they get so many of them).

Today I am self medicating with hot and peppery ginger tea and spoonfuls of honey.

Dreaming of dry desert heat.

And the "medicine" seems to be working.

My throat feels better.

Cheers to the Grand Canyon State!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Art by Mail

When I admire someone's art, I am sometimes brazen enough to contact them and say,

"Hey, I LiKe your stuff! May I have some? I will send you something in exchange."

Then I hold my breath, because maybe they are a big time artist who can't be bothered with swapping or maybe they don't want my junk.

Well, the very talented and versatile Kimmie (and Tea on Tuesday hostess)

said, "yes", she would love to swap with me.

I was giddy.

So she made me this wonderful tin and bottle cap assemblage

incorporating a bird bottle cap I sent her (generously sent to me by Carole)

and I made her a junk journal from a beer box she sent me.

You can now find Kimmie's metal assemblages in her etsy shop.

Yep, this once held a 6 pack of long necks.

Gorgeous art on a throw away item.

I'm glad Kimmie shared it!

This is the sister journal I made for myself (the box had two good sides).

Kimmie's was more awesome but I lost the photos I took of it.

They disappeared between the camera and my computer.


So you will have to settle for pictures of mine.

I used similiar materials in hers--an old postcard, BINGO card and a vintage time card punctuated pages of ledger paper, maps, yellowed school hand outs (assignment sheets), vintage wallpaper and lots of pages from my mother's postage stamp album.

Some pages still have stamps attached. Kimmie's had more envelopes in hers and I have yet to add some in mine.

You know, for stashing items you don't know where to glue down yet?

Thank you Kimmie for indulging me.

I am so blessed to have some of your amazing metal work!

Art glutton that I am, I have already set up swaps with other girls, so I need to seriously start creating my end of the bargain.

And if anyone ever offers to send you art, if you agree to send art to 5 other people,

take their offer!

I got this stunning display of altered Scrabble tiles from Jo

(not unlike the beautiful inchies she is so good at)

and I am in awe of having something so beautiful.

My life is full.

Now go swap something.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Waffles and Tea

Today I thought I would talk about The Food.

I like leftover waffles

(not to be confused with frozen waffles you buy at the store).

Waffles taste best fresh and crispy hot from the griddle,

but the next best thing is retoasted, hot from the toaster.

They have the decadence of a donut with the abilities of bread to make a sandwich.

The little squares hold liquids so you can bite into a waffle sandwich

and not have everything run out.

That's peanut butter and honey in my sandwich above.


Which tastes very good with tea, and isn't that what we're all about today?

Yes, yes, it can be washed down with coffee too, but perhaps for you coffee drinkers--

--you would prefer NUTELLA.

Please tell me that you've at least heard of it!

I live in the boonies and even I can find it at my local grocery store

(in both the small and large sized jars).

It's been advertised recently on TV, but I remember eating it as a kid.

(My mother did not care for the taste of peanut butter,

but loved hazelnuts).

I suppose we ate it on bread or toast

(this morning my son tried it on celery- not bad)

but I prefer it simply on a spoon.

Or occasionally on a waffle.

Tastes like a giant KitKat bar.


(raising teacup to clink with yours)

What's on your saucer today?

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Friday, April 1, 2011

More Asian Girls Come Home

I am loving my Asian altered coaster art!

Yesterday, Linda's and Margaret's girls arrived together, chatting away like old friends, even though they had only just met on the last leg of their journey.

This is Linda's clever girl, hiding demurely behind a paper fan (created from a paper parasol I had included in her envelope) and equipped with a pocket full of fortune cookie fortune "tags".

The other side of the coaster has another pocket,

holding a message inside of a chopstick wrapper "envelope".

A pagoda card is attached with fiber and a coin.

The card opens to reveal a small book! How fun is that? Now here is Margaret's beauty. Margaret was all concerned that this side was too bright. Too pink.


It is perfect!

For some reason I am completely taken by her folded paper lantern. Clever detail. :)

The flip side is elegant, cool and understated. It's the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. Happy Spring!

Patty is showing off some of her kipper tins,

Margaret is parading her men,

Linda will be giving home tours and

Carole will be hooping it up.

Their blogs are on my side bar under "Queen Bees".