Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jars of Stuff or More Compulsive Collecting

I just listed more blue canning jars for sale in my etsy shop
and they put to mind some of the crazy things I collect in jars.
Most are bought as-is.
I love stuff in jars!

One of my favorites is a small ink bottle of sequins.
I bought them just like this at my local thrift store.
In this very bottle.
 (And I didn't even bother cleaning off the price tag completely)

Rolly eyes anyone?

Even more fun sprinkled from a bacon bits jar!
Really, I got them just like this at the thrift store!
I could put them in a more aesthetically pleasing jar,
but this is funnier.

I like keeping string in jars.
The balls don't roll away and they make a nice display.

This jar is aesthetically pleasing, but may be the only one in my collection.
(I sell the rest, but can't part with this one!)
It also holds rusted bottle caps, a random brass thimble, and
occasionally vintage scissors.
The pins you see sticking out of the top is because my balls of string also double as an impromptu pincushion.
What's in your jars?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Ruby's Turn to Travel

If you have been following Hoardica's travels, you might know that she has gone missing.
Ruby is now trying to find her and the postcard trails picks up in England.
Click HERE for the latest installment.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Has Sprung...

In my shop, Ruby Floy.
There's a home for fresh flowers, guarded by a watchful bird.

Vintage quilt patches...

...Needing a quilter.

A fresh pallette in mouth watering colors...

...The tools to make summer drinks more refreshing...

And a charming net to protect el fresco dishes...

Are just a few of my fresh picks that you might find you can't live without!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea and Letters

I love letter writing in the morning.
It's probably why I don't do a whole lot of journaling, because I put my thoughts down in a letter, to my mom, a close friend, and mail them off.
I spend my mornings in the dining room where we get the morning sun.
I don't have too many of these quiet days left since my kids are finished with school May 17th!
So I am cherishing these leisurely tea and last few peaceful dining room days.

This morning I'm writing a letter on a museum card.
I've had these cards forever and only just rediscovered them.
They are photos of paper dresses, inspired by historic couture.
The nice thing about museum notecards is that, when the cards are used up, there is still a pretty box to keep.  These dress cards were my favorite for a long time, so I hated to use them up.
But you can't keep everything, can you?
(I try, but it's just not practical!)

Speaking of correspondence, if you haven't been keeping up with my other blog,
you might be interested to know that Hoardica has possibly gone missing.
She was last seen in New Zealand.
(Carole, what have you done with her?!)

Happy Tea Tuesday, and go see Kimmie for more tea posts!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Casual Gift

I visited with my antiquing friend, Liz last Monday.
May 1.
May Day.
She remembered what day it was and carelessly
snapped off the first bloom from her old fashioned rose bush,
growing just outside her shop.
"Here, 'Happy May Day!'"
Her offering lay on her desk for 3 hours, without water,
as we visited.
"Blah, blah-blah, blah, blah."
Then for another hour in my hot van while I ran errands.
*pant, pant, pant*
By the time I got home,
the one blooming rose was looking a little wilted,
but I resolutely trimmed the stem and stuck it into a small custard cup of water.
I had nothing to lose.
I expected the one bloom to finish wilting and the several buds to go unopen.
But they didn't.
The next day a second bloom had opened and a third was beginning to unfurl.
Liz's casual gesture was lingering and now I've been enjoying it all week.
There's a deep revelation in here somewhere.
Can you see it?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Junk Jubilee

Look what my friend Shelly brought me from Junk Jubilee!
Her cousin organized the event and Shelly helped with vendor hospitality, taking admission tickets and selling her own stuff when she had a minute!
I couldn't go, but you shouldn't miss it the next time it comes to Des Moines, Iowa,
this November, the weekend before Thanksgiving!
I think even I can plan that far ahead!
The event just started last year with a modest turn out, but Shelly said this year there were 3 times more vendors and 3 times more crowds!
So mark your calendars to visit Iowa in the fall.
There will also be a crafts bazaar in the building next door the same weekend.

But back to this cutie of a re-purposed salt shaker...
The ingredients:
1 old salt shaker with corroded lid
dry navy beans
old string
cotton ball
(to tuck just inside the lid)
half dozen boutonniere pins
flowers punched from yellowed paper
(these are made from sheet music)
and voila!
An everlasting bouquet!

I won't be passing over old glass salt/ pepper shakers in the future!
Hunt, Rescue, Re-purpose
(Junk Jubilee motto)