Sunday, June 27, 2010

REALNEO Neotimes Mail Call

I knew the envelope was sent by an artist and fellow ephemera collector because it was plastered with postage stamps.

My photos here barely begin to illustrate the amount and quality of the goods inside.

Old letters, unusual scrap, ration tickets, cards from old board games, a cashier's check dated 1935, and so on, and so on, all carefully packaged in hand made folios and cellophane bags.

Below are collectible images from boxed matches. They are what triggered the impulsive generosity.

"When I originally read your blog, I got a smile out of your obsession with pattern model illustrations. As said earlier, I thought I might have something that has a similar quality you would find interesting- a few tiny matchbook labels from Europe. Well, as usual, I thought I knew where they were but didn't really, and thus embarked on a search through every box of curiosities stashed in all places everywhere. I rediscovered a bunch of things as I searched, a sample package of such findings is on the way to you today..."

All of this wonderful stuff came because I sold Neotimes a couple of old rotating date stamps through my etsy shop.
I am in awe at the mystery of how a connection can be made.
Do check out REALNEO.
Totally inspiring!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun Mail!

If I could bind books, I would do them like Cindy Leaders and that's why I love her work so much! She repurposes everything from old hardcover books to cereal boxes, to tea packaging and now most recently my library pocket cards. My favorite books of hers are the ones with various old papers inside. Kind of like a swatch book. I have yet to write in any (I own 4 now) because I think the books are perfect just as they are!

Her crafts(wo)manship is impeccable.
Tightly laced waxed linen transforms a humble stack of scrap into something sublime.

When I returned from vacation this little 50 page gem was waiting for me at the post office.
A surprise with a note,

"I wanted you to see what I did with the library cards you sent me..."

These are now flying out of her etsy shop, Useful Books.

She also enclosed scraps of her beautiful marbelized papers she creates to use as end papers in her incredible journals.

I sent her more cards to make more journals.

I am so excited for her success!

The only thing better than coming home,

is coming home to some really great mail!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marvelous Michigan

As soon as we hit the heat and humidity of Missouri, my husband wanted to turn the truck and camper around and head back up to the cooler, dryer weather of Michigan. We had a great time with my sister Elizabeth (above left) whose house we stayed at. My brother Victor drove in from Wisconsin and my mom flew in from New Jersey. Only sibling absent was Sophia who stayed behind with her family in New Jersey.
The above photo was taken at a belated birthday party for my mom.
I am seated to the right.
Elizabeth's whole backyard is pretty much deck and in-ground pool.
It was like staying at a resort. We had no reason to leave the house!
Being that it's Michigan, the pool was heated, so the water was always warm enough for swimming!

The kids were in the pool as long as there was daylight and Dad couldn't resist joining them.
When we weren't swimming, we were eating (my stomach never got a chance to grumble) and when we weren't eating or swimming, we were garage saling.
Romeo, MI (nearby) had their city wide garage sale while we were there.
A major event!
We shopped two different days and found all kinds of treasures.
Many will be slowly showing up in my etsy shop.
A good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time Flies...

...whether you are having fun or not!
The kids are on summer break and my time is not my own.
(Hence the huge lag in blog posting.)
The wooden handled rubber stamps have been flying out of my shop!
So I have been busy packing, listing and relisting items.
Lots of library pocket cards sold along with them.
One woman wanted 100 white ones to use for "save the date" cards.
I love to hear what people use them for.
Next week we are boarding the dogs,
packing up the camping trailer, the kids, and
taking a road trip up to Michigan to my sister's for a few days.
My mom and brother will be there too.
I haven't seen my family in awhile, so am really looking forward to it.
What are you doing on your summer vacation?
Well, you might consider joining in on Carole's journal workshop.
I'll be slipping into my seat a little late
(when I return from our road trip),
but I plan to be there!
It's not too late to register!