Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tiny Bubbles in My Tea (Tuesday)

I am so glad the weather has cooled here in my part of Missouri.
I can drink up to 3 pots of black-tea-with-milk a day, without breaking a sweat.
Fall is my favorite time of year (I say that every year around this time- ha!)
It's overcast this morning and looking decidedly gloomy,
after a violent sounding thunderstorm came through last night.
It's put me in a contemplative mood.
So I Googled the Farmer's Almanac to see what this winter will be like.
Missouri had a hellaciously hot summer, but according to the Almanac, we will have enough precipitation this winter to offset the summer drought.
Some of it might even be snow (although below normal amounts).
I am feeling better already.
More snow would be good, but I will take any.
I think I'll make another pot of tea (#2 today) to celebrate.
What are you contemplating in your tea this morning?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Accidental Fashion Designer

The other day I was cleaning with a bleach based household cleaner
and did two stupid things.
1.  I wore black.
2. I hugged the bottle to me when I was done (to carry it into another room).
Before I realized what I had done, a purplish mark had already appeared on my once black top.
The top was getting overwashed and dingy, but it was comfy and I liked it!
What to do to keep it out of the trash and sort of presentable still?
I had no RIT dye on hand, so I opted for the opposite remedy.
Further bleaching.
Acting quickly, I changed into some other shirt, grabbed a rubber doily from my china cabinet drawer, and headed outside to the glass topped table on our deck.
I arranged the doily on the front of the shirt and spritzed, spritzed, spritzed.
Didn't even rinse the top, but just threw it into the wash with a load of whites that needed a little bleach anyway, and voila!

A Nathalie original I would be proud to wear with artsy jewelry.
And when I am done with the shirt, I can salvage the prettiest part of the lace pattern and repurpose it.
Here is a detail.
Be fearless.
Go bleach something!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Queen Bees Zine Swap

This swap has dragged on for months and I am the reason.
I have 3 zines piled up on my desk and I should only have one! For one thing, I am a procrastinator and for another, Inspiration has been more elusive than usual.
This is Carole's zine.
"Memories from my Childhood".
I've had it since the the beginning of August (umm, that means, a month?) and it took that long for an idea to perculate to the surface.
Patty's lingered in my possesion for two months before I came up with something and sent it off without a photograph or post.
I am vowing to do better.
It's helped that summer is nearly over and my head it back in the game.
But back to Carole's zine.....
It's  not like her zine wasn't inspiring enough!
Each of the tabs had a prompt,
"memories", "stories", "jokes", "wisdom".
She had some fabric hanging out, which encouraged me to not worry about perfection.
Here is my spread.
One month of mulling over it.
Two and a half hours to execute.
A short anecdote about home made play clothes, made from double polyester and hideous contrasting colors.
What can I say.
It was the 1960s.
I am very happy with my pages.
Just wish I didn't drag my heels so long before getting down to business!
Packed it and mailed it before the glue was completely dry.
Nearly forgot to photograph it in my haste to move it on to Linda!
Next on the drawing board-
Margaret's "The Bra That Could Turn Back Time".
I have a germ of an idea for it.
Hopefully I can get it done before this month is out!
Oh,  by the way, my own zine has returned to me.
It has already made the rounds (literally around the world) which is all the more embarrassing that I am not moving everyone else's along in a timely fashion!
I haven't opened it, letting it sit until I fullfill my obligations.
Yes, the envelope from Switzerland is still sealed!
It wouldn't be fair or right for me to enjoy my zine when no one else can enjoy theirs!
Watch this space for future reveals.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Pincushion Winner Is.... And Lest We Forget

Patty of Magpie's Nest won my pincushion.
And thank you all, again, for stopping by and participating.
I wish I could have sent one to each of you.
And lest we forget...

Hauntingly beautiful raku fired helmet by Pinet Pottery on etsy.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Souvenir of Kansas and one more Pincushion

You will never guess, in a million years, what this figurine is.
You won't.
Ear of corn?
An Ottawa Indian?
Here's a picture clue.
Guess again.
Mr. Green Jeans in flips flops?
A farmer in flip flops?

One last clue before the reveal.
Guess again.
A girl with a ponytail?
Give up?
I'm as clueless as you are, but when I saw it at a garage sale a couple weeks ago,
I had to have it!
Today I Googled "Ottawa, Kansas Chinese" and found listings for restaurants. ha!
"Ottawa, Kansas history" gave me Ottawa Indians and WWII internment camps populated by German and Italian prisoners of war.
No Chinese.
By the way, the figurine is marked "Japan".
It's not even made in Kansas! ha!
He is made of "china" though! heehee.
Just had to share one of my more unusual aquisitions.
There is no accounting for my taste in bric-a-brac! 
And now here's that other pincushion.
I just bought it .
I love old tomato pincushions.
This one is velveteen and came with the pins and needles you see pictured.
$1.00 at a local antiques flea market.
I couldn't pass it up!
And speaking of pincushions,
don't miss my hand made pincushion giveaway in my previous post!
You have until Monday night to join in!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've been in a pincushion making mood and now want to share
some of my wealth.
One lucky winner will receive the little cup and saucer above with the pins shown.
All you have to do is browse my etsy shop, Ruby Floy and leave a comment saying what your favorite item in my etsy shop is.
That's it!
Your comment enters you in the drawing for the cup and saucer pincushion.
Want more chances at winning?
Post about this drawing on your blog, Facebook or tweet about it and leave a comment that you've linked back to me.
Pin it on your Pinterest.
You may borrow my photo for the occasion.
Please name drop.
I love to read Ruby Floy (my etsy shop!) bantered about.
I'm shameless. ha!
The cushion of my pincushion is a yummy, paisley patterned, velour that can be coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.
It's open to interpretation.
The porcelain cup is firmly attached to its saucer.
International bloggers welcome to join in the fun!
Contest closes next Monday night and I will announce the winner next Tuesday.
Please make sure that I can contact you if you win.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making More Pincushions

This quirky little porcelain bunny has a secret.
He's a pincushion!
The figurine was a spontaneous gift from my friend Gretchen and her 2 girls.
They said the bunny looked like something I would like.
Go figure!
They were right!
I don't know what the tiny opening in the tree stump was meant for, but I made him into something more useful than a toothpick holder.
And while I was at it, I made another pincushion...
It's only been on my "to do" list forever!
My mother had sent me a doll leg, geez, almost a year ago?
But you know how you just don't get around to something.
This particular pincushion is already for sale in my etsy shop.
The rabbit I will hold onto for a little bit.
He was a gift!