Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!


I am officially 50 today, but my big party is tomorrow
and it's no mere "let's do lunch".
There will be "hats" and party favors!
A couple days ago I spent the evening making hair fascinators.
I have a gross (a case!) of cardboard Mickey Mouse ear headbands that I remade
into sparkly party wear by tearing off the ears and adding
salvaged ribbon, gold foil doilies, feathers and mylar curling ribbon.
In other words, "junk" I had on hand. :)
Too much is never enough.
And somehow I had enough materials (and energy!) to make 20 of these
in one sitting.

Not to be left out, Rebecca requested a special one for herself,
with plastic gems hotglued to the band.
She was happy to model it for you.

She wore it to school the next day and now all of the girls (and a few boys!)
want her to make one for them too.
I have plenty of headbands and can probably find some
Christmas ribbon stashed away somewhere,
so it's possible that I could fill their requests.
I'm out of plastic gems, but the ribbon is sparkle enough.
These were so fun (and cheap) to make, I could happily make more.
Wish I could say that I have less to pack now, but ribbon doesn't take up much room.
And I still have about 80 Mickey Mouse ear head bands!
It's official now.
We are moving in two weeks and I have yet to pack anything!
I'm more concerned about celebrating my birthday! ha!
I'll still except "50" photos if you find any.
I'll be 50 all year!

Monday, November 26, 2012

50 is Fabulous!

Only two more sleeps and it's my birthday!
I am being very brave posting a picture of myself,
 but I had to show off the "50" glasses that Patty of Magpie's Nest sent me in a box
overflowing with birthday goodness!
Thank you, Patty, for the perfect 50 number post!
Though not age appropriate, Rebecca had to try the glasses on too.
Her blond hair shows off the frames better.
Oh, to have her smooth, wrinkle free skin!

Friday, November 23, 2012

50 is Divine

Only 5 days until my birthday and 6 days until my party.
I actually collect the occasional 50th anniversary ware because I can find it for cheap at the thrift store and I like its gawdy gold.
And I knew I was turning 50 soon, so why not?
This plate hangs with my souvenir plate collection on my kitchen wall.
Are you looking for "50" things for me?
I haven't gotten any yet.
You could be the first!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

50 is Nifty

One week from today is my birthday.
It's a significant one.
And I'm celebrating it!
I've invited about 20 friends, past and present, to lunch with me at
The Byelorussian Baker at Asbury House,
in Higginsville, MO.
(Alas, she does not have a web site).
The RSVPs are slowly trickling in and I'm excited that
some of my oldest and dearest friends (whom I've known for 25 years or more!) are coming! 
As I was making my guest list I noticed a trend--
that the list read like a who's who of Strong Women in My Life. 
 I am getting more excited for them to meet each other
than I am for them to come and celebrate me. ha!
And you, dear readers, are invited too. 
To my virtual party on my blog.
I wish you all could meet each other too.
Some of you drink tea, some prefer coffee,
some of you love to "junk" or just love junk in general. ha!
All of you are creative and kind and generous.
And that is why I consider you my friends.
And celebrate you!
I am not measuring this milestone by the distance I've traveled,
but  by the friends I've met along the way.
Can I make a Birthday Girl request? 
My camera died today and I was hoping to post daily pictures
of things that had the number "50" on them.
Can you send me some?
I will post your photo(s) and link to your blog.
Thanks SO much!
The more photos I get, the longer my birthday will last.
((((Big hugs to you all!))))

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Passing the Torch (Tea Tuesday)

Much to everyone's annoyance Rebecca often turns the coffee table
into a tea party for 20.
Here she used her favorite fleece blanket as a tablecloth.
She mixes cheap, "play" china (much of it chipped or broken) with some of my finer pieces
 (which I try not to stress about) and has a wonderul time playing hostess.
The other day she told me,
"Mom, when you die, I will take care of your teacups."
Good to know.
I certainly can't take them with me!

I also have to share this great "tea" find from Hairbrained Schemes.
I love C.S. Lewis and I love tea!
There are a lot of other great quotes "suitable for framing" in the shop too.
Warm up your cup and take a look!
Also visit Pat and Patty for more Tea Tuesday posts!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted Today

Did you?
There's still time.
Your vote counts!