Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Anniversary!

Fourteen years ago today (almost to the minute) Sylmon and I were exchanging vows at Liberty Christian Fellowship, the church we met in (singles' group!). Our reception was in the beautiful lobby of a women's dorm at William Jewell College, 10 minutes' drive from the church. It was a cold, dry winter, but it snowed that one afternoon for our wedding and was the only snowfall all winter. During our wedding photo session, I found a shiny new 1994 penny on the front porch of the dorm and slipped it into my shoe. I wore my mother's pearls and my grandmother's gold wrist watch. We decorated the reception with discounted Christmas decor (lots of greenery, including a cut up Christmas tree; twinkle lights and gold wrapped candies). I highly recommend a winter wedding, especially just past Christmas!
Happy New Year to you and Happy Anniversary to us!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Am Still Here!

I apologize for my long absense (Linda!) I wanted to be a good little blogger and post beautiful, wintery Christmas photos of us all decked in our finery and entertaining family and friends. I didn't take my camera with me to my sister-in-law's house and besides, it has thawed and then rained since my last beautiful, wintery post. Waaaaaa! Today it was feeling down right spring-like. Too warm for Missouri in December!
Aside from that, with the kids home from school for another week (this week), my time is not my own. Enough excuses.... we had a very good Christmas. At the beginning of December I didn't know what money we had for gifts, so I encouraged Victoria to make gifts or to salvage stuff from the bottom of the toy box. It was hilarious to see what some of the mysteriously wrapped packages were, but Rebecca was as happy with the old, long forgotten doll that her older sister just updated the hair do on, as with the new My Pretty Pony DS game she got (she inherited her bother's Nintendo DS). I got TWO pairs of identical fleece pajamas in different sizes-- a larger size was bought first and then when Victoria interrogated me and found out I wore a slightly smaller size, my husband bought the smaller size, but didn't swap out the gifts. I opened BOTH Christmas morning and then we returned one pair after Christmas. Silly, really. I gave Victoria the assignment of finding her old Game Boy so I could play Dr. Mario on it and so I got that Christmas morning. So instead of posting on my blog, I have been happily injuring my thumbs playing on a silly electronic game. heehee Last night I could feel my hands cramping and decided it was time to retire the game for awhile. hahaha My in-laws gave us an X Box 360 as a family gift and yesterday my husband came home with GUITAR HERO. He and Victoria played until past midnight. He said it was a good father/ daughter bonding game. I was dropping pills on germs on my Game Boy while I half paid attention to their progress. I'm surprised the X Box or our TV hasn't burned out, because both have been on, non-stop, since Christmas Day afternoon. We eat, sleep and play video games. Isn't that the American way? haha! It's been too wet and muddy to be outside. I am hoping for more snow again soon.
I am also hoping I can stay focused long enough to clean up Christmas along with some neglected clutter. I am itching to do some creating again, but want to organize a few things first. I want to start fresh with the New Year. There will be a lot less video gaming, but for now we are still on vacation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Angels leaving their mark.

Our jockey looks quite festive with his red jacket and snowy shawl.

The kids are off from school. Pictured: Victoria, friend Mariah and Rebecca.

Lucy knows not to eat yellow snow!

Some have left a vacancy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Shack

You HAVE to read this book!

First off, I am someone who does not normally have time to read, but I MADE time to finish reading this book (I had a hard time putting it down). Secondly, I don't cry easily and I yet I had to stop twice, while reading this book, to BAWL my eyes out.

I read a library copy, but now I want to OWN the book so I can reread and underline and highlight the passages that struck a chord. And I want to get several copies to give as gifts, because this is an incredible book!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Counting the Days

Linda, who was first prompted by Anna, invited me to try a December journal. I was questioning whether I could make the commitment, but said, "yes" anyway.
I am SO glad I did.

Of course, mine looks nothing like the fancy scrapbooker's, but I am making no apologies.

I haven't seen theirs yet, but I made mine out of a binder once created for Hallmark ornament collectors (25 cents at the thrift store). The cover is a beautiful green with metallic gold accents.

I used a few of the blank pages that came with the binder, but thought it would be a great place to display Christmas cards collected from past years. I also added photos from previous Decembers. The program from Victoria's winter concert this year (she is in choir) also joined the mix.

The end pages are my two most favorite *glitter* Christmas cards.

Pretty soon I found I was using the cards themselves as pages and like how the "page" sizes are now staggered. Sometimes there is room to write on the front of the cards, but most of the time I use the reverse (I just used the covers of the cards). I stamped numbers and sometimes a background design and stars where I plan to write. Yesterday my son commented that the days were "flying" by. For once I did not agree. By writing a little something about each day, I am able to enjoy each day a little longer; commit it to memory. Savor the events. And so although Christmas may be the destination, I am not letting the days before go by in a frantic blur.
Thanks ANNA and LINDA for this GREAT challenge! I might have to continue it in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Gift You Can't Wrap

NO! I did not get a Harley for my birthday. I got something better. I got time with my Harley riding father-in-law. If you have been following my posts, you know it was my birthday Nov. 28. I am at the age where I think that life is too short not to have FUN. SERIOUS FUN! So I asked Howard if he would take me for a ride on his Harley. He LOVES to ride. These days he LIVES to ride. And he has so few people to ride with. There's his club of old guys that he rides with, but he would love his family members to join him. So my simple request brought a huge grin to his face. I had made his day. And it wasn't even his birthday.

It was 50*F., yesterday, December 2. The sun was shining, taking the edge off the crisp air. We figured this day would be the balmiest for the month of December and the further we got from my birthday, the less it would seem like a birthday present. Can you imagine planning a motorcycle joy ride in December? That was the POINT! A summery ride would have been fun, enjoyable. This was INVIGORATING, dang it! It was foolish, jumping off of the roof sort of high jinx. And I was niave. I was dressed in layers, but only had jeans on, no long underwear. A scarf bundled my throat and chin, because Howard said my chin would get cold. Do you remember as a kid playing outside in the snow (if you had snow when you were growing up) until you were stiff with cold, chilled to the bone and your wet clothing was threatening to freeze to your body? Remember how your mom would call you to come in because she could see that your lips were blue and your cheeks were chapped with cold and do you also remember your reply? "NO! I don't want to! I'M OKAY!" You were having too much fun. Being cold was just a small inconvenience.
THAT was THIS ride.

Five minutes into the ride down country roads, past open stubbly fields, my pampered middle aged body got shocked with cold as the wind penetrated the gaps around my thick suede gloves and cuffs of my jeans. I was 9 years old again, shushing down the sledding hill in Balduck Park on a wooden sled with no means of steering. Back to my middle aged reality of blasting horizontally through space on the back of a motorcycle, maniacal laughter was bubbling up under my scarf and threatening to spew out. OmyGosh! Was I insane? I was COLD! I was literally breathless as the wind whipped against my face. Then I realized that the visor on my helmet went all of the way down. AH! And then ha ha ha HA! That's SO much better! I could BREATHE again and my face thawed. And then I did laugh. HahahahaHAHAHAhahaHA! At my silliness of not knowing that I had face protection. HahaHA. At the incredible scenery whipping by. HaHA! At the sensation of being cold and enjoying every second of it. HA! At being ALIVE and being blessed with feeling cold and happy at the same time. Howard would reach back and give my hand or leg a squeeze every once in a while to make sure I was okay and I would give his ribs a squeeze to let him know that I was. We drove 28 miles on back roads to a larger small town to eat at Buxton Bar-B-Que. The brisket sandwiches and fries were good, but we were both disappointed that hot coffee wasn't available. Otherwise the day was perfect.

If the ride was cold on the way out, it was down right freezing on the way back with my full belly drawing blood from my extremities to aid digestion. You would think hot food would stoke you like a furnace. NOT! We took I-70 back for a quicker return trip since I had to pick Rebecca up from pre-school at 3:00pm. Driving on the interstate had its own thrills (I felt like we were more vulnerable). Back at my in-law's house, I got off the bike and gave Howard a big hug and kiss. "Same time next year?" I said with a wink in my grin. "Uh, lets try for one in the summer", was the cautious reply.

A few minutes later as I headed to town in my warm, enclosed car, I passed my father-in-law riding his smaller, lighter weight Honda. The one he had me sit on to "try on for size". The cute, cheery red one he would love for me to learn to ride so I could go riding with him. I chuckled. Howard loves riding his bikes too much to let a little winter weather slow him down. And I would happily join him again-- only next time I would plan on having long underwear(! ) And he would bring the coffee!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Day of Snow!

Technically, first evening of snow. It rained all day, but turned into big, beautiful, bodacious, *snow*flakes. And the snowflakes even stuck! The Christmas lights on our house are shining brighter and there is a hush from the blanketing snow. All is calm, all is bright. We may have gotten an inch. Seth and Rebecca bundled up to go out and play, Rebecca squealing with glee (no other way to describe her joy!) at the fluffy stuff falling on her. The snow may melt tomorrow, but tonight it is magical. Beautiful. Ethereal. When I last looked outside, the snow had stopped, but now there is a soft shrouding fog as the cold air embraces the warm ground. The street lights are wearing halos.

I photographed more of my Moravian stars with a sprinkling of vintage pearl buttons. I glued buttons in the centers of the stars and plan to send these out in cards. This photo would make a lovely card, don't you think?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday....

To ME! Victoria made me a lovely breakfast in bed this morning (everything was HOT!- cheese omlette, dry toast and HOT India Spiced Chai) and the tray contained these clever Lego flowers from the kids (too cute!) The funny multi-colored bar thing is a "plane" from Rebecca. Everyone should have their own private plane!

Why am I not smiling in my photo? No one has given me a birthday crown yet! Otherwise it is shaping up to be a nice relaxing day for me. I can always do housework again tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Native American princess wishes you bountiful plates of home made cookies!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Salute to Family

With Thanksgiving just a week away, I have had family a lot on my mind. My mom and siblings all live in other states so it is my in-laws I am closest to. I got a call from my brother-in-law a couple days ago that Thanksgiving will be at their house and Bob Evans is catering it so none of us have to cook. I was a little disappointed, because I love home cooking, but the best part will be to hang with the fam.
I am so thankful for my husband and kids. This year especially. We won't be having a big, extravagant Christmas, like some other years, so I am more sensitive to making it a more personal holiday. And it is starting with Thanksgiving. I am all for small gestures with big meanings this year. Maybe it's a good thing Bob is catering. I won't be in the kitchen fretting over green bean casserole or dinner rolls. I'll be squashed on the couch with my honey and kids as we watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. A toast to family!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Victoria is twelve today. She asked me last night, "what time was I born at?" I thought it was 11:30 pm, her dad said, no, it was around 8:00 pm. Suffice to say that since Victoria is a stickler for details, she is not considering herself a full twelve years old until this evening. I am making chicken and broccoli alfredo for dinner since that is her all time favorite dish. And a store bought vanilla cake with vanilla ice cream on the side.
Kind of nice to have ONE dinner planned this week! :)
Happy Birthday, Victoria. I don't tell you enough that I love you and am very proud of the beautiful young lady you are growing up to be. Right now you vex me more often than not (no one has ever told me a positive thing about the tween and teen years except that you just weather the storm), but I cherish the times we actually work together, whether it's cooking in the kitchen or putting a 500 piece puzzle together. I look forward to the days ahead watching as you bloom and grow. The transformation from baby to toddler to little girl to young lady has been amazing and frightening to watch and the best is yet to come. You are always a blessing, even when you bring out the worst in me, because it is only then when I realize where I still need to grow.
Happy Birthday Sweetie. Love, Mom

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do As I Say,...

...Not as I do. Hahaha! A little explaination. First off, I am pleased to see that I am NOT the only one who would like to savor that forgotten period between Halloween and Christmas. I call Thanksgiving "that speed bump holiday" on the way to Christmas. Funny thing is, that no sooner did I post my rant (previous post), than I fell into some Christmas making projects (yes, I am a hypocrite- shhhh, don't tell anyone!). The temperatures have been below 40*F. so I have been cocooning and crafting is my natural response to being stuck indoors.
So first, I created these hymnal paper Moravian stars (scroll down to Nov. 20 post) for an ornament swap with Christian Paper Artists. Only this year I played with adding a dangle thingy and discovered the no-glue method of embellishing with junk jewelry. Just punch a hole with the post of the earring and punch through, fastening with th earring's back. No jump rings required either since dangle earrings naturally come with a way to hang them (genius!!!)! I am very pleased with how my ornaments turned out.
Part two of "do as I say, not as I do" is, when you are in a swap, please complete the swap in a timely manner (speaking as a hostess who has waited on stuff to arrive)! The altered paint can pictured is my VERY late swap to Donna K. who is also hosting the ornament swap so I am trying to kill two birds with one stone (or pack two things in one box for mailing). I took part in an "altered item" swap, a year ago almost to the day, and failed to complete it in a timely manner. Donna sent me a gleaming silver paint can for me to alter and return to her and I suffered creative block, then procrastinated about dealing with it. I took part in other swaps and all the time carried the shame of not completing this one altered swap. Donna had said she understood and just figured I would get it done when I got it done. I'm sure she wasn't thinking she would have to wait a whole year though! I'm sure she has given up on ever seeing her paint can-- ever again. And I'm sure I hold the record for the latest swap ever turned in!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can I PLEASE Enjoy Fall?

The day after Halloween I was in Walmart for something and heard CHRISTMAS CAROLS playing in the store already! It offended my senses. Maybe I was hung over from Halloween candy, maybe I was a tad bit sleep deprived, but the sound of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" made me want to vomit. So I'm here to rant about not rushing the seasons and the holidays, even though the retailers would have us do so.

So in honor of my favorite seasons, AUTUMN, I made a card to send to a friend. The lovely paper models were cut from a vintage Simplicity pattern, glued onto a piece of marbled paper (from my coptic stitching friend Cindy), which in turn was glued down on an ugly
non-profit greeting card that had a barnwood scene on it (perfect to let peek around the edges). Embellishments are vintage seam binding lace and self stick felt leaves sent to me from friend Jennie who I am making this card for.
So go create something fall-ish, if not enjoy the day crunching through the newly fallen leaves, smell the wood smoke on the air and feel the autumn gale blowing (it's very windy outside my window today!) Happy Fall to you all!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Small Town Trick or Treat

The kids unanimously agreed, "this was the best Halloween ever!".
Like the past two years, we started the evening by driving to Higginsville (8 miles away) for trick or treating at the businesses on Main Street, where Grandma's real estate office is. The event started a half hour earlier than last year so we were trick or treating in daylight. It was a slow, tiring shuffle up and down the street getting the same candy from each business (the business association provides each storefront the majority of the candy). Victoria (12) kept saying, too loudly, "this is BORING! I am SO bored!" I personally was SO glad to make it back to my mother-in-law's office so we could go home. The sun set as we drove back into Corder so as we approached our house, we could finally see the synthetic, lightbulb illuminated jack-o-lantern I had left in our front window to greet guests. Although we had been out an hour already, the night felt like it was just beginning.
I had only meant for us to trick or treat down our street and come home, because I didn't expect many people to be passing out treats. But since it was a beautiful night (clear sky, 65*F.) and we had joined up with some aquaintences in front of our house, our laughing and visiting took us to the end of the street in no time and turned us east to the other side of town. A lot of houses were dark, but those that were lit up rewarded us with happy greetings, exclaimations over the cute costumes and hand fulls of treats or generously pre-packed treat bags. I had heard that the number of trick or treaters dwindled every year so folks didn't worry about rationing their candy. Great for us!
The dimly lit streets and uneven, or absent sidewalks made walking at night a thrilling adventure. Rebecca stumbled over her princess gown twice, the second time hard enough that I had to carry her a little, but as soon as she saw the next glowing porch light, she recovered and wanted her pumpkin bucket so she could continue begging candy. We only visited a dozen houses, but it took a lot of walking in between and the kids' treat buckets filled quickly, and conseqently got heavy, so we were tired after just an hour. Seth even stopped going up to houses with his sisters because his legs hurt. Now that's a tired kid when he's lost enthusiasm for getting candy! Ha! We had met neighbors we only knew from sight (but would know better now) and experienced a Halloween like the old days when kids were invited into a house, without fear, to admire spooky decor and pick out treats. We only covered a small part of town, but as we headed home, the kids and I talked about next year skipping boring Higginsville and trick or treating on our home turf. Although the night's walk was invigorating, and surely helped burn off the candy bars I ate earlier in Higginsville, next year I will involve the car!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hitting the Deck

I had been avoiding joining most swaps for the past several months because I just could not commit to a deadline. I still can't, but have jumped into a couple. The Christian Paper Artist's third playing card deck is one I could not pass up. My design is very minimal. I was going for a simple, graphic approach-- that and I had to mail art today or tomorrow if I was going to make the Oct. 31 deadline at all! Decks will be selling for $7 each if you contact Linda by Nov. 3 with your order. She also has examples of the cards from other years on her blog, so stop by and see her.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Yesterday was Rebecca's 4th birthday which meant a picture appointment with the Thinking Chair. She is as precocious as she looks! There was a lack of cooperation on her part and a lot of begging and negotiating on my part. She kept wanting to lounge on the chair and I, of course, wanted her to sit up and smile pretty. At least she did the smile pretty part. :)For earlier photos to compare her growth, see my sidebar. I will be adding these photos to the collection.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bedtime Tag

I sat down at my desk as I waited for the kids to finish fiddling around and get into bed (they suddenly remember 15 things to do right at bedtime- can you say ,"stall"?)
Sitting at my desk is a dangerous thing. I find things that suddenly relate and beg to be glued together. Doesn't matter that it is past the kids' bedtime. The untidy mess on my desk beckons.
I scanned the mess of clippings and scraps and rubber stamps that didn't quite get put away. I picked up an old newspaper scrap from my desktop, pulled out a scrap of scrapbooking paper (from a box) for color and glued them both down to a manilla tag. I stamped a diva (dug out of one of the 4-5 boxes of rubber stamps I own), found she was obliterated by the newspaper type, so restamped her onto a piece of yellowed paper, tore out just her face and placed it over the original stamped image. I found the manuscript words in my handy dandy mystery novel, decided they described "Beauty" so stamped that word above, but not before I had run across a butterfly postage stamp (in a drawer while looking for something else) and glued it down (almost any design can use a butterfly!) The diva I chose is not smiling, but she does look introspective and wise. I added some fibers and DONE- in about 20 minutes. My washy watercolor scan background is curtesy of soon to be 4 years old, Rebecca. It was another piece of clutter on my desk. Not everything on my desk is dumped there by me. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Art Tag

*Take one manilla tag that's been taking up room on your desk for a month.
*Glue down some antique newspaper scrap.
*Add some antique wallpaper scrap.
*Rubber stamp some manuscript to fill in some of the blank area on the wallpaper.
*Rubber stamp a diva on the wallpaper.
*Rubber stamp her shoes on the bottom of the tag.
*Flip through an old murder mystery book for words.
*Glue down your "found" phrase, adding some rubber stamped words to complete the sentence.
*Finally, punch hole, add fibers and ta-DA!
Now go make a tag for yourself. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

Nothing new to report, but I wanted to say SOMETHING, so those of you who stop by fairly regularly will know I am still alive.
"Thinking of you".

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Invitation...

...To the class I teach on altering books. For free. Just because I want to educate kids and adults about the possibilities for an old book and ignite my passion in others. These are a couple of postcards I made to remind regulars that the once a month meeting is coming up. I alter old (ugly) postcards and (ugly) greeting cards with scrap and stickers. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. The class is free. We are here. You can't miss the library on the main street into town. It's next door to the Corder Bank. Hope to see you there!

Super Inchie Card

Yes, I KNOW I should use my scanner, because my camera makes dark, blue cast photos, but the camera is quicker when I want to share something fast! I get so excited to show and tell!

While looking for some ATC blanks, I ran across an envelope from a long ago swap that contained these super inchies (over one inch square). These done by Laura Halnan, are abstracts done with scraps of paper glued down on squares and then stamped/ embossed silver (or maybe embossed first and then stuck down). They were perfect stuck to a non-profit greeting card, the geometric shapes seeming to echo the clouds, mountains and water in the photo greeting. As with many of my spontaneous cards, this one got mailed to a family friend who crafts but doesn't have a computer at home (nor email address). We exchange hand made cards and goodies through the US mail. Have you played with your inchies and made something super to share today?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I thought I would never live long enough to see the day when I would find vintage BINGO cards, but now I can die happy. haha! Last Thursday, my antiquing friend Liz and I went to check out a tag sale and on the way stopped at a garage sale she had visited once already. The wooden box she wanted was sold, but I found things she had missed the first time. Rummager's hint: leave no stone unturned and no box unopened. A beat up box from diamond golf balls held my holy grail. I nearly dropped the box in my excitement! No price, but the lady said 50 cents. Could it get any better? Liz was amazed at my find and happily lent me the money to buy it (I had gone garage saling without cash- where was my head?). Did I mention that Liz was my best friend? At the same sale I found a jadite coffee mug (Liz had missed that too), a box of vintage phonix cards and a box of old jewelry (Liz had bought one box for me already and this second box had a mate to an earring from the first box). Maybe I should have entitled this post, "boxes". ;)

Vintage Paper tag

Today I was inspired to soak some of my found wallpaper to unglue and separate the layers. The water in the bathroom sink turned a fabulous tea color. I spread the wet wallpaper pieces out on cut up t-shirts to dry and in the mean time played with some wallpaper and newspaper pieces that were workable already. This is what I made. Sorry for the horrible photo.
The card base is a vintage library book pocket card and the flowers are a dangle earring I took apart. The hanger is a piece of blue wire attached to a piece of the earring (glued to the card), strung with vintage paste pearls (great patina) and attached to the card at the other end through a tiny punched hole. The vintage photo is a copy from a Somerset Studio collage sheet (in each issue), the wallpaper you know about and I also used some of the newspaper I found. The trim is vintage too. What can I say? I like old stuff.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If Walls and Floors Could Talk

While helping my in-laws renovate their latest project (my MiL collects houses like some people collect Precious Moments figurines or whatever), I had the unique opportunity of recovering some antique newspapers from the 1930s (under the linoleum in an upstairs room) and carefully removing some vintage wallpaper where it stuck out from behind the paneling. My MiL doesn't even want to think about removing the paneling because it will open a can of worms she is not willing to deal with (drat!) The little bit of wall paper I did salvage (4 layers, each more beautiful than the last) will be used in collages. The newspapers also will be collage fodder... after I read some! On a society page, the women were dressed like it was still the roaring twenties and the fashion illustrations are likewise fabulous. It's all a little grimy, but careful dusting with a damp cloth brings it back to life- and will help the glue stick. Watch for vintage art made with authentic materials!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Birth" of a Cicada

Yesterday, I had the great privelage of watching these little guys in their various stages of "birth". I was utterly awed. God never ceases to amaze me wih His craftsmanship and perfect design.

Monday, September 8, 2008


A spontaneous greeting card came from rummaging in my studio, pausing over a piece of scrap paper I hadn't dared toss months ago and then deciding it was time for the scrap to be used. The scrap of art print became a background glued to an ugly old greeting card, which I keep around for face lifting. I opened a drawer, picking the first item I saw (a computer printed vintage photo) and stuck it down on my card (my glue stick was smoking now). On my desk I found some scrapbooking tiles/stickers I hadn't put away and stuck down, removed, tried again, finally replacing one tile with a scrapbooking flower punch out. And then like I often do to "finish" a piece, I ran a border around the edge of the card on my ever ready sewing machine (just have to shove a few things to the side so I can get at the needle). Voila! Now a quick note inside and then ready to mail to a friend who appreciates my "something out of nothing" cards. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cleaning Out My Drawers

My ebay auctions are in full swing again! I spent the summer acquiring cool stuff and now it all must go! I've been opening hidy holes and drawers and discovering things I forgot about that I am now wondering why I am still holding onto them. Do you know how cathartic cleaning can be- even to a pack rat like myself? Of course, now I can rationalize getting more stuff (I hear the thrift store calling my name...)!

The set of card catalog drawers pictured above are one of my summer finds. I paid a whole dollar for them at a church sale! Five drawers in a solid oak cabinet. *sigh* It was love at first sight! They now sit on an old cedar table in my studio, looking like I've had them forever. It didn't take long for the clutter to pile up on top of them!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Blog Giveaway!

But it's not mine! I ran across Stamp With Brandy right when she was having a giveaway. If you want to win some umounted rubber stamps or scrapbooking papers, stop by and post a comment by this Friday, Sept. 5. My chances of winning are better if I don't tell you, but I can't help myself! I love to share information and introduce new people. Brandy just might be the person you neeeded to visit today! BTW, the postcard above is from my own personal collection. Isn't she sweet? You may use her if you want. Copyright free!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All American

This one's for you, Linda. A portrait of our house. The flag pole is a recent addition. It replaced a rather overgrown and messy island of irises, an ancient rose bush, a deformed redbud tree and a butterfly bush (or something) that looked shabby and invited choke vine to climb all over it. The old landscaping obstructed the pretty view of our house, but now the flagpole adds a yard element without cluttering the yard. The flowering bush at the side of the house is a rose of sharon- one of my favorite plants. The flowerbeds around the porch and in front of the chimney are painfully vacant. I want something old fashioned like spiria (bridal veil) while hubby wants something more contemporary like ornamental grass. What do you think?