Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Invitation...

...To the class I teach on altering books. For free. Just because I want to educate kids and adults about the possibilities for an old book and ignite my passion in others. These are a couple of postcards I made to remind regulars that the once a month meeting is coming up. I alter old (ugly) postcards and (ugly) greeting cards with scrap and stickers. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by. The class is free. We are here. You can't miss the library on the main street into town. It's next door to the Corder Bank. Hope to see you there!

Super Inchie Card

Yes, I KNOW I should use my scanner, because my camera makes dark, blue cast photos, but the camera is quicker when I want to share something fast! I get so excited to show and tell!

While looking for some ATC blanks, I ran across an envelope from a long ago swap that contained these super inchies (over one inch square). These done by Laura Halnan, are abstracts done with scraps of paper glued down on squares and then stamped/ embossed silver (or maybe embossed first and then stuck down). They were perfect stuck to a non-profit greeting card, the geometric shapes seeming to echo the clouds, mountains and water in the photo greeting. As with many of my spontaneous cards, this one got mailed to a family friend who crafts but doesn't have a computer at home (nor email address). We exchange hand made cards and goodies through the US mail. Have you played with your inchies and made something super to share today?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I thought I would never live long enough to see the day when I would find vintage BINGO cards, but now I can die happy. haha! Last Thursday, my antiquing friend Liz and I went to check out a tag sale and on the way stopped at a garage sale she had visited once already. The wooden box she wanted was sold, but I found things she had missed the first time. Rummager's hint: leave no stone unturned and no box unopened. A beat up box from diamond golf balls held my holy grail. I nearly dropped the box in my excitement! No price, but the lady said 50 cents. Could it get any better? Liz was amazed at my find and happily lent me the money to buy it (I had gone garage saling without cash- where was my head?). Did I mention that Liz was my best friend? At the same sale I found a jadite coffee mug (Liz had missed that too), a box of vintage phonix cards and a box of old jewelry (Liz had bought one box for me already and this second box had a mate to an earring from the first box). Maybe I should have entitled this post, "boxes". ;)

Vintage Paper tag

Today I was inspired to soak some of my found wallpaper to unglue and separate the layers. The water in the bathroom sink turned a fabulous tea color. I spread the wet wallpaper pieces out on cut up t-shirts to dry and in the mean time played with some wallpaper and newspaper pieces that were workable already. This is what I made. Sorry for the horrible photo.
The card base is a vintage library book pocket card and the flowers are a dangle earring I took apart. The hanger is a piece of blue wire attached to a piece of the earring (glued to the card), strung with vintage paste pearls (great patina) and attached to the card at the other end through a tiny punched hole. The vintage photo is a copy from a Somerset Studio collage sheet (in each issue), the wallpaper you know about and I also used some of the newspaper I found. The trim is vintage too. What can I say? I like old stuff.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If Walls and Floors Could Talk

While helping my in-laws renovate their latest project (my MiL collects houses like some people collect Precious Moments figurines or whatever), I had the unique opportunity of recovering some antique newspapers from the 1930s (under the linoleum in an upstairs room) and carefully removing some vintage wallpaper where it stuck out from behind the paneling. My MiL doesn't even want to think about removing the paneling because it will open a can of worms she is not willing to deal with (drat!) The little bit of wall paper I did salvage (4 layers, each more beautiful than the last) will be used in collages. The newspapers also will be collage fodder... after I read some! On a society page, the women were dressed like it was still the roaring twenties and the fashion illustrations are likewise fabulous. It's all a little grimy, but careful dusting with a damp cloth brings it back to life- and will help the glue stick. Watch for vintage art made with authentic materials!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Birth" of a Cicada

Yesterday, I had the great privelage of watching these little guys in their various stages of "birth". I was utterly awed. God never ceases to amaze me wih His craftsmanship and perfect design.

Monday, September 8, 2008


A spontaneous greeting card came from rummaging in my studio, pausing over a piece of scrap paper I hadn't dared toss months ago and then deciding it was time for the scrap to be used. The scrap of art print became a background glued to an ugly old greeting card, which I keep around for face lifting. I opened a drawer, picking the first item I saw (a computer printed vintage photo) and stuck it down on my card (my glue stick was smoking now). On my desk I found some scrapbooking tiles/stickers I hadn't put away and stuck down, removed, tried again, finally replacing one tile with a scrapbooking flower punch out. And then like I often do to "finish" a piece, I ran a border around the edge of the card on my ever ready sewing machine (just have to shove a few things to the side so I can get at the needle). Voila! Now a quick note inside and then ready to mail to a friend who appreciates my "something out of nothing" cards. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cleaning Out My Drawers

My ebay auctions are in full swing again! I spent the summer acquiring cool stuff and now it all must go! I've been opening hidy holes and drawers and discovering things I forgot about that I am now wondering why I am still holding onto them. Do you know how cathartic cleaning can be- even to a pack rat like myself? Of course, now I can rationalize getting more stuff (I hear the thrift store calling my name...)!

The set of card catalog drawers pictured above are one of my summer finds. I paid a whole dollar for them at a church sale! Five drawers in a solid oak cabinet. *sigh* It was love at first sight! They now sit on an old cedar table in my studio, looking like I've had them forever. It didn't take long for the clutter to pile up on top of them!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Blog Giveaway!

But it's not mine! I ran across Stamp With Brandy right when she was having a giveaway. If you want to win some umounted rubber stamps or scrapbooking papers, stop by and post a comment by this Friday, Sept. 5. My chances of winning are better if I don't tell you, but I can't help myself! I love to share information and introduce new people. Brandy just might be the person you neeeded to visit today! BTW, the postcard above is from my own personal collection. Isn't she sweet? You may use her if you want. Copyright free!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All American

This one's for you, Linda. A portrait of our house. The flag pole is a recent addition. It replaced a rather overgrown and messy island of irises, an ancient rose bush, a deformed redbud tree and a butterfly bush (or something) that looked shabby and invited choke vine to climb all over it. The old landscaping obstructed the pretty view of our house, but now the flagpole adds a yard element without cluttering the yard. The flowering bush at the side of the house is a rose of sharon- one of my favorite plants. The flowerbeds around the porch and in front of the chimney are painfully vacant. I want something old fashioned like spiria (bridal veil) while hubby wants something more contemporary like ornamental grass. What do you think?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Altered CD Case

My photo is NOT a good example of an altered CD case, but think of it more like a prompt. My hubby brought home this gorgeous butterfly yesterday from his mom's (her screened in porch attracts beautiful insects that fly in to the open door to expire). The wings were 90 degrees to each other so I scrambled for something to gently flattened the butterfly into. Voila! A little used CD case! As I was thinking about this post, the ideas started to fly. Wouldn't this butterfly look even better if there was a collage behind it? If it were part of an assemblage? So here is my free idea for you. Altered CD cases! Create a 1/4" deep chunky composition within a container that is easy to display and dust off. I am all about easy dusting! If you create something you want to show off, let me know and I will post your link.