Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rockin' the (Denim) Apron

So I got this idea to take denim jeans, bought cheaply at the thrift store, trick them out with some western themed applique (a shirt bought at a resale boutique), added boullion fringe for a Dale-Evans-meets Mae-Wes look and made a rocked out apron.

I wore it to Higginsville's "Country Fair"
with a pair of skinny jeans (I've lost over 30 pounds this past summer);
 "new" red cowgirl boots and a hat, both bought at a local flea market.
I'm rockin' the red these days.
I made Rebecca a more "hip" apron with flowers
cut from a 1960s fabric remnant and some fibery fringe 
bought for a different a project (years ago) that I never completed.
Rebecca looks better in the cowgirl hat than I do!
I also made a "prairie" version with appliques of
(tattered and stained) embroidered linens
and a crocheted lace edging for the bottom of the apron.
I gave it to my antiques friend, Liz, whose shop we are photographed in (above)
and I didn't get a photo of the apron before I gifted it to her!
(bad blogger, bad blogger!)
The theme and medium possibilities are just about endless for this basic denim apron.
I'm thinking of painting one with acrylics--
denim is just unprimed canvas after all!
You may take the idea and run with it---
just link back to my blog and let me know so I can see your creation.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a New Day

I have taken a long hiatus from making art (all summer!) but last night made an opportunity to pick up a paint brush.  I had bought a (9) pack of 8x10 canvases at Walmart last week, with the thought that I would paint a visual quilt of them and include my kids in the project. Over the summer I painted the walls in my living room "lightening bug butt YELLOW" (a very cool yellow, not sunny warm), so I am purposely painting (and commissioning!) art that pops on that color.

I wish you could see the true colors of this first canvas-- the pinks are not lavender and red, but the color of cotton candy and salt water taffy.  I can only do so much with color correction. ha!
And doesn't everyone have a jar of sequins in their paint box?
(Stuck onto the canvas while the paint was still wet.)
I have put away the browns and blacks and vow to paint in only vibrant colors.
My house is starting to reflect that and my life is also.
This is a new day and I'm dreaming in color!