Friday, April 18, 2008

A Whole Lotta ShaKin'

You must have heard on the news, this morning about the midwestern earthquake that hit at 4:37 this a.m.? They have reports of it (originated in southeast Illinois) being felt as far away as Chicago. I am close to Kansas City, MO and felt it! I woke up just past 4:30 this morning, trembling violently in bed and thought it was just me. I didn't hear rattling or anything, like the house was shaking, and I listened for the train that goes through our town and didn't hear it and it doesn't shake the house that hard anyway. So, frankly I was relieved to hear later on the news that there was an earthquake. I feared it was personal issues (although I wasn't having a nightmare when I woke up). I have only experienced earth tremors one other time in my life and that was on vacation in CA about 9 years ago. That one was a split second compared to this tremor which was much longer. They say it measured 5.6 on the rictor scale. Did you feel the earth move?

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Linda Jo said...

I did see that on the news.... glad you felt it. ha You would THINK that you would know how to spell Richter scale...but nooooo.