Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Am Still Here!

I apologize for my long absense (Linda!) I wanted to be a good little blogger and post beautiful, wintery Christmas photos of us all decked in our finery and entertaining family and friends. I didn't take my camera with me to my sister-in-law's house and besides, it has thawed and then rained since my last beautiful, wintery post. Waaaaaa! Today it was feeling down right spring-like. Too warm for Missouri in December!
Aside from that, with the kids home from school for another week (this week), my time is not my own. Enough excuses.... we had a very good Christmas. At the beginning of December I didn't know what money we had for gifts, so I encouraged Victoria to make gifts or to salvage stuff from the bottom of the toy box. It was hilarious to see what some of the mysteriously wrapped packages were, but Rebecca was as happy with the old, long forgotten doll that her older sister just updated the hair do on, as with the new My Pretty Pony DS game she got (she inherited her bother's Nintendo DS). I got TWO pairs of identical fleece pajamas in different sizes-- a larger size was bought first and then when Victoria interrogated me and found out I wore a slightly smaller size, my husband bought the smaller size, but didn't swap out the gifts. I opened BOTH Christmas morning and then we returned one pair after Christmas. Silly, really. I gave Victoria the assignment of finding her old Game Boy so I could play Dr. Mario on it and so I got that Christmas morning. So instead of posting on my blog, I have been happily injuring my thumbs playing on a silly electronic game. heehee Last night I could feel my hands cramping and decided it was time to retire the game for awhile. hahaha My in-laws gave us an X Box 360 as a family gift and yesterday my husband came home with GUITAR HERO. He and Victoria played until past midnight. He said it was a good father/ daughter bonding game. I was dropping pills on germs on my Game Boy while I half paid attention to their progress. I'm surprised the X Box or our TV hasn't burned out, because both have been on, non-stop, since Christmas Day afternoon. We eat, sleep and play video games. Isn't that the American way? haha! It's been too wet and muddy to be outside. I am hoping for more snow again soon.
I am also hoping I can stay focused long enough to clean up Christmas along with some neglected clutter. I am itching to do some creating again, but want to organize a few things first. I want to start fresh with the New Year. There will be a lot less video gaming, but for now we are still on vacation.


Linda said...

I'm glad to know you are still amongst us. I am on the wagon and cannot play anything with the word Mario in it....I have been Mario Free for 10 years now.

Margaret said...

See, I knew if I came back enough times you'd eventually turn up! you've just described our house perfectly! thank you, I don't feel half as bad now!! my kid's keep telling me this is precisely what holidays are for and I've chosen to believe them. Have a fabbo New Year! Mx

Nathalie Thompson said...

Linda, You crack me up! Dr. Mario and Tetrus are my two obsessions. but I can quit any time. ;)

Margaet, I am so blessed that you are such a faithful visitor! I will try to give you new reading material more regularly in the future.
And your children do not listen to Mozart and read classic literature during their holiday from school? Well, you've burst my bubble!