Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May Day!

I was thinking about this May Day project two months ago, but when do I start it? Two days before! Better late than never, eh? Last night I worked like a person posessed because I knew exactly what materials I wanted to use and how I wanted the finished door hangers to look.
The ingredients are: vintage newspaper (spray glued down on card stock for stability), hand tinted crepe paper (start with white, soak the roll in water, puddle red water color paint over the top for an uneven tint to seep through the roll, gently squish out excess moisture, set to dry on a heat vent- the result looks like the gentle tint of pink rose petals); ribbon (I had brown laying around) and lots of grungy, old buttons (I steered away from the white ones- brown was more dramatic).

I assembled the cone with a stapler and hot glued the embellishments, because I was too impatient to wait for slow drying glue. The tag was done on my current favorite typewriter (I own three).
This morning I filled each cone with some Hershey's kisses bundled in white tissue paper and then tucked in a small posy of spriggy silk flowers. I can't wait until tomorrow to deliver them!


Linda said...


Margaret said...

so love it when you 'art' fab fab fabbbilicious!!!

Anna said...

what time shall I expect you? (insert big smile here) if only we were down the road... very awesome - you do great work... and great inspiration....... xo, anna

Lorrie said...

oooohh - I wish I lived close enough to have one of these delivered to MY door tomorrow.
I've always wanted to do May Day baskets (or facsimiles) but I've never gotten around to it.

These are great!


Jeanie said...

Every year I'm mad at myself that I didn't do this May Day project! I want to do cones, and I forget either till May 2 or till I see something like this! They're wonderful, Nathalie!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

sweet, fab brown buttons and all your special touches! and great to hear just how it all went together....I may not be able to resist soaking some crepe paper very much longer :)
bet the receivers will be tickled pink

Ashlyn said...

Tickled pink, indeed! I was one such lucky recipient and believe me, it made my day!!!!! The first May Day basket I've ever received and my first May Day I've made baskets to give away! Nathalie is a huge inspiration! Thank you for that, girl!
Big Hugs, Ashlyn