Thursday, September 17, 2009

Asian Poste

Everyone needs a friend like Emily Pruitt, who I know from the Christian Paper Artists group (she doesn't have a blog, or I'd post her link). She recently did some deep cleaning, but instead of merely throwing things out, she emailed me and offered to mail me the booty if I was interested. Are you KIDDING? When she mentioned the words, "Asian stuff", I immediately said "YES!"

The flat rate box arrived today filled with everything from corporate holiday greeting cards (sumo wrestlers sent wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year) to a newspaper filled with great layouts like the top photo I posted. There was even an Artchix collage sheet of vintage geishas. Emily also thoughtfully included a bag of trinkety *bling* for Rebecca (not pictured). This afternoon Rebecca and I walked up to the Corder One Stop for a pack of Juicy Fruit Gum, my little shooper decked out in two twinkling bracelets and carrying her 23 cents in a roomy change purse with key chain attachment.

Some of my favorite things in Emily's box were the pop up cards like this one. Perfect, needs-no -further-altering-art, for a pop up page in an altered book.

There was also a catalog of mail order food gifts with gorgeous photos and page layouts. Wish I had some of the food wrappers pictured!

I am not normally into "cutes", but Chinese and Japanese cutes have a wonderful flat graphic quality that speaks to my designer soul.

China elephants and cartoon kids sending holiday greetings. I love how different the images are from American Christmas cards.

One of several menus displaying exotic dishes.

And the kind of art that once inspired the likes of Gaugin and Manet. I have been collecting Asian bits and pieces forever and not accumulating much, in the hopes of one day doing an Asian themed book. I think that day has come. And I've heard that I have more Asian stuff yet to come, from another source, so there will be more Asian eye candy in a future post.
Thank you, again, Emily!


~*~Patty S said...

OH be still my heart N!!! Emily may be sorry she parted with these treasures after she sees them so artfully displayed on your bbb (blogblogblog)!
I totally agree about cute and Asian being THE exception! those kids on elephants!!! I keep meaning to get in Asian creative mode here, now that I have the beeswax out may be the time not to mention the inspiration here!!!
What a fantastic collection to receive, so generous and lovely!
Enjoy * Enjoy!!!

Tes said...

Oh wow...such fine Asian stuff. You are lucky to have a generous friend in Emily! Continue on, I'll be back for more! Wow!

Linda Jo said...

Emily IS amazing! You are so blessed to be in her inner circle.

daysease said...

wow, wow, wow, great stuff there!!! You will have a blast creating with it. I know it. Have fun!!! and congrats on your win!!

Be encouraged and strengthened and filled with hope... in Jesus' name. Amen.

Marlynn said...

What fun! I feel your excitment. Love the catalogues. Oh my, can't wait to see some of your creations.

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! Having been to Japan, seeing some of these things brought back wonderful memories! Some of my favorite art I've done in the past has used Asian elements -- you are going to have a blast working with this! And what a friend!

Anna said...

holy mother-load of Asian goodness! How fun! Maybe I should host another asian swap (lol) You have some very cool things there :)


femminismo said...

This stuff is wonderful. Lucky, lucky you! Now it has found a place to "become more" I think - more than it ever dreamed.

Ashlyn said...

Emily is such a sweetie!!

You really received a good selection of beautiful Asian things. I can't wait to see what you create from your bounty! :)

hugs, Ashlyn

Margaret said...

superb box of goodies, you lucky lucky gal!