Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Never Looked so Beautiful and 10 Things I Like

There are warmer temperatures fore casted for this week so by Friday we should be seeing less snow and more earth. Translation- mud. I am not looking forward to what the dogs and kids will be tracking into the house shortly!
But just as I am being pessimistic about what is on the horizon, I wake up this morning to find new winter beauty. Breathtaking beauty. It had thawed some yesterday but the temps dropped to a hard freeze again over night. Where was all that new moisture supposed to go? I guess that's the phenomenon of hoar frost. Frozen dew.
There is also a new dusting of snow falling today. Frozen air. The flakes are barely falling, they are so light. Seem to just hover in the air before finding something to cling to.

I knew I did not have long to document the gorgeous scenery, with warmer air expected. It's as if everything got a thin glaze of white paint. So Shabby Chic! These are all views from my yard. I didn't stray far in the 7*F. air. These branches are the ancient maple in our backyard.
In the photo below is the house across the street from us. It is a shabby, unpainted house, but you would never know it while it's framed in frost and snow. The brown shrubbery in the bottom of the photo is our "dead" hydrangeas. Above them are the over hanging branches of the giant evergreen in our side yard.

And here I will take the opportunity to list 10 things I like which are free.
I got voluntarily tagged by Bad Penny.
1. SNOW. I like winter as long as it is white.
2. Icicles. Especially when they sparkle in the sunlight.
3. The first green shoots (crocuses) that appear
at the hint of spring.
4. The smell of wood smoke on the winter air.
5. Toasting my jeans on the space heater before slipping them on.
Like a warm hug!
6. Watching our St. Bernard and basset hound gamboling through the deep snow as they chase something on the other side of our fence (this morning it was the trash truck ;)
7. Having hot tea, scrambled eggs, toast and home made applesauce on a tray this morning, in the living room
as Rebecca and I watched TV.
Actually, priceless.
8. Getting back to our nice warm home
after running errands in the cold.
9. Absolute deafening silence.
I don't get enough of it with 3 kids and 2 dogs.
10. Sharing all of this with blogging friends.
If you have read this, consider your self tagged.
List 10 things you like which are free.


bad penny said...

your photograhs are really picture postcard like and you house looks stunning in the snow. It's the envy of a lot of us bricks & motar dwellers !

Lovely warming list of some of your favourite things - it isn't til you start a list that you realise so much of what you enjoy is actually free xx

Lorrie said...

Beautiful snow and frost! I'm wishing for some here - it's been raining like crazy and Vancouver is panicking with the Olympics coming in less than a month.

10 Things that are free - what a great idea for a list. I'll have to think about mine.

Enjoy the snow and ice while it lasts and try not to think about the mud!

Linda said...

Beautiful post! If only I looked so good in white! I enjoy your blog immensely and it's almost free for me! hee hee My security word is i nest...of course it doesn't have a space.

femminismo said...

Love the hoar frost. What a gorgeous effect that Martha Stewart and her crew labor long hours to replicate. I like your list of free things too. I like to use my hair dryer to blast the inside of my jeans. I am a wimp and would never have accompanied any of the polar explorers. I'll think about my "free" list.

Marlynn said...

Stunning photos and scenery. You know, I wish it would stay like that but we gotta have the sun and the melting and the slush in order to enjoy this kind of beauty . Such a circle - life is. I have to admit, I have like never never never toasted my jeans. Hmmmm, with my luck they would become a flambeau because I would forget them... yes, I would. ; ] Better yet I would forget and put some jelly and jam on them!

Margaret said...

Lovely pics of the winter wonderland on your back doorstep! great list of free likes!

Jeanie said...

Nathalie, it looks like Narnia! I can't believe the snow you have/had there -- and your photos are splendid. So magical!