Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old, Yellowed, Goodness

I LOVE old, yellowed paper and especially newspaper. I grab it when I find it and right now I have a surplus. More than I can use alone! So I am offering some for sale in my etsy (see my side bar). It's a great material for fall projects. A natural pairing with a bold rubber stamp. The crow stamp is my newest aquisition (on ebay!)- you will be seeing a lot of it!

A simple scrap of newspaper makes a great cumberbun wrap for a gift. Here I just wrapped a book for demonstration purposes, but it would make a great seasonal display. Pair it with colored tissue paper, plain brown paper or let it stand alone on its own lovely, yellowed merits.

There's that stamp again!

And let's not forget the possibilities for altering the photos and artwork!

Any fashion model from these pages is instantly bewitching with the simple addition of a black pointed hat.

Watch for crows in future posts.


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

yummy vintage papers and of course what you've done with them is inspiring Ms N!

that crow stamp is perfect

just took a photo of a crow cawing his head off out in the backyard ... they are neat birds !

Jo said...

Great crow stamp - looks fab on the old yellowed newsprint!


Jeanie said...

You have just given me a wonderful idea! I unearthed some wonderful old newspaper in my basement water moments (some very old, like end of WWII). Some I don't want to hack up -- but on the other hand, there are parts...

bad penny said...

I just love your crow stamp ! Old papers are fab...have you seen my swap at The Linen Shelf ? xx

Margaret said...

Love your crow bottle, wonderful colour combination with the yellowed paper against the blue glass, fab!

Linda said...

I love that crow stamp!!! It's all wonderful. Do you still update this blog???? hee hee

Sandy Ang said...

Love your altered bottle !