Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea Tuesday Childhood Memory Found!

You would think a humble cup like this from the 1960s would be a dime a dozen in thrift stores and flea markets. There is nothing special about it that would make collectors snap it up.

But I haven't seen one of these since I was maybe 6 years old.

My grandmother served me milky, sugary black tea or "chai" (because she was from the "old country") in a mug just like this one and for some reason I remember the mug.

So when I found this humble white mug at the thrift store last week, the taste of Baba's chai, the warmth of the kitchen, the piano stool I used to sit on in the kitchen, ALL of it came flooding back in a rush.

And the mug only cost me a dime.

I also thought I would share my other finds, from my local junk shop.

I got them all free, because Mr. Mahnken was rotating a little of his stock, because his shelves are always dangerously full and a back room of auction boxes always waits to be emptied.

These were the beauties I rescued from a "free" box destined for the back room, and eternity in the dark. I got the string too, only it was a stained, tangled looking mess when I first saw it. Now it is a stained, neatly wound, ball of cotton string.

It looks right at home with the china.

Funny how that is.

So I'm here to tell you that best things in life are free.

What kind of "junk" tugs at your heart strings?

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Linda said...

Well.... you mean besides the baby doll heads? I am always searching for a child's plate that is thick china/pottery...white... with Noah's Ark on it..animals around the edge. Daughter knocked it off table and it broke when she was about 6. It was mine from childhood. Not knowing better at the time, I threw it out!!! Let me know if you find one.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I keep telling you Nathalie, the cups at my thrift store are at least a dollar each. If there are saucers, they are also at least a dollar. I've seen a matching set (cup and saucer) sell for $4.00 to $6.00. You have NO idea how lucky you are to get these free. And the memories you got from that little cup were well worth the price! Most of the supplies I get free are from a dumpster and are of the paper variety. Happy Tea Tuesday.

~*~Patty S said...

you have some great thrift connections...
precious baba memories
and the coolest cup and stuff collections...
that ball of string certainly IS a treasure too!

happy summer days to you dear one!

Halle said...

Lovely finds. It's amazing how memories work. How a smell can take you back..or a song... maybe even an expression someone has that reminds you of someone you once knew.
I noticed yesterday how much I'm am starting to look like my grandma. It was really shocking but made me feel good at the same time that I carry that from her passed down through my dad.

Anonymous said...

I love the heart felt sincerity in this whole post! that simple cup is the best and your grandmothers tea sounds divine. Free china and string!! you scored major on your visit to the junk store. Good going!
Happy T on T (but you already are happy **wink**)

Yvonne said...

Wonderful memory for you. I know how little things bring back certain memories for me...sounds, smells too. When I'm shopping thrift stores or antique stores I find quite a few things from my childhood and then realize just how old I am. LOL

*jean* said...

beautiful and free?? lucky girl! happy tuesday!

Ann said...

tall,frosted glasses with carousel animals on them!!!! hard to find!! my mother had a set that she only used when we were sick!!! she'd pull these glasses out to tempt us to drink when we felt to sick!!.. she would also put food on small china dessert plates,on a napkin covered tray with her sterling!! she always thought that making it look pretty would make us want to eat. when i was older,she laughed and said she wondered if we were "sick" just to get the special tray!!
love your freebies!!

Patti said...

love the story about your tea mug memory and what great finds - can't beat the price:)

kimmie said...

My mom makes a "special tea" for my girls when they come over too. I try not to cringe at the amount of sugar that goes into their cups - but they love it!

Your finds are precious all the more for having been saved from an eternal darkness :)

I love the way the twine really does go together with the crockery!

Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

Jill said...

String..always tugs on mine! You scored with your freebies and isn't it neat how just a mug can make memories just flood back? I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Joanna said...

Sweet little mug, perfect in its simplicity and memories. And those freebies? Lucky you (don't you love how a group of women, me included, can lust after a ball of stained string?!).


bad penny said...

Working in a Charity shop, I see things all the time which remind me of my childhood. Mt grandmother al;ways laid a tea trolly with cups saucers & plates, homemade scones etc for afternoon tea. I loved putting everything on & wheeling it into the lounge or her room if she wasn't well.

kimmie said...

Hi Nat .....
Just wondering how your summer is going!
Hope everything is well in your corner of the world :)
I'm sure you're busy with feathering your new nest - and with school out everything gets happily discombobulated :)

Hugs, Kimmie