Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tea Tuesday- Mom Cares

The one thing I really missed, while out on the wide open road with my hubs,
was my calming tea ritual.
So Monday morning, after the kids were off to school, I wasted no time brewing a pot of tea and cutting into a fruitcake (yes, I do like it! And one of the few Americans that does. No apologies!)
My mom is currently visiting with my youngest sister up in Michigan (Shelby Township) and not only have they been hitting the thrift stores regularly, but also deep cleaning stored boxes and my sister (the obsessive baker)'s pantry.
So it's no surprise that the two boxes UPS dropped on my front porch last week contained edibles, wearables and dust collectors.
Two panettone, 2 home made fruitcakes (when will I start my diet?!), a tin of cookies, foil pans in novelty shapes (sister's destash), china trinkets, old dish cloths, my mother's spectacle collection (note enclosed asked, "etsy worthy?"), a jar of buttons, baggies of buttons, and a gorgeous suitcase, which will end up in my etsy shop soon.

My mother had two china cabinets full of treasures and the surplus spilled over onto tables and hid in cabinets around our house when I was growing up.
Since then, she sold her house and now divides her time between my sister in New Jersey and sister in Michigan.
Mom's collections have been slowly migrating to me in Missouri.
(Lucky me!)

Now I have to figure out what to do with it!
Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff.
And that's why my mom knows she can send it to me.
I can't say no.
It's beautiful.
It's charming.
It's old!

It's treasure!
Happy Tea Tuesday!
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Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

There are some stunning tea treasures there and as a fellow fruitcake lover I understand your need to defend it... People just don't understand... I used to eat it with slivers of cheese but that freaked everyone out so now it is my little secret... give it a try... it is surprisingly good... I won't tell anyone!!! have a great week and glad to have found you through Kimmie...xx

margaret said...

Wonderful treasure box, something to fufill every need! cake looks yum! Mx

Sarah said...

You made me so happy knowing that you are a fruitcake fan too. LOL I love it any time of year.

Yvonne said...

I always loved my granny's fruitcake, very moist. You have some nice treasures there, very lucky indeed. Happy tea day.

Ann said...

oh,you can do the greatest collage pieces with spectacles...faces,etc on the lenses..use it in a mixed media art piece!
wonderful "fun box" you got!! love fruitcake..the good ones are always moist.

kimmie said...

etsy worthy? Um - yeah!!!!!
what a wonderful box of goodies!
.... and I'll put myself on the short list of people who like fruitcake too :)

so glad you had that time on the road - I'm sure you're glad to be home - but wow, what a fun adventure!

happy tuesday! xoxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of these wonderful bits and pieces. I can see why you would want them. The tea sets are not just adorable, they are in PERFECT condition. Just beautiful. I can see why you like them so.

And I like certain kinds of fruitcake, just not the kind that has citronella, or whatever it's called. Happy end of the day Tea Tuesday!!

Jill said...

What great packages to receive! I'm not a fruitcake eater, but get out of my way for panetone!! Love that stuff!

Linda said...

Happy Tea Tuesday! (I know it's Wednesday... I'm behind!!) You got great goodies from your mom and sister! Isn't it great when you have family that knows what you like!!!

ooglebloops said...

Happy Tea Tuesday on Thursday - slow getting around!!!! Lovely treasures - isn't it nice to have a mom who collect too? I have one- and the overflow is sometimes daunting- yet always exciting!!! Your Miss Hoardica has inspired me to start another blog connected to my lately ignored Etsy store (stay tuned)- gotta get the store up and running again!!!That overflow has got to go somewhere!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Now, I am off to peek at your store.....

~*~Patty S said...

teeny tiny tea sets...
vintage spectacles oh my!

those surprise boxes from your Mom must be such a lot of fun to go thru!

sweet tea today...oops it's almost Friday already...