Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Breakfast Party

When I told an acquaintance that I was going to a Christmas party at 9 in the morning, she was surprised, but the Corder Home and Community Club has always had their Christmas get together as a Saturday potluck brunch.
Really a very good idea when you think of how busy the holidays get with evening events.
And who doesn't like breakfast food?
(Sausage and egg casseroles, stuffed French toast, cranberry nut bread, blueberry muffins, apple cinnamon muffins and fresh fruit!)
This year, Dana Lineback, opened her gorgeous home
to us and lavished us with her skills as a decorator and impeccable hostess.
Every table had a sumptuous display
to tantalize the eye and feed the spirit.

You will find it no surprise to learn
that Dana used to own a floral shop and retail boutique. 
Her skills as an "arranger" are evident everywhere in her house.

 It is a gift to enjoy a home
that I did not have to decorate or clean.
And I treasure the knowledge that somebody somewhere has a baby grand
 in their vestibule.
God bless gracious hostesses!


Linda Jo said...

Wonderful way to spend a morning! What a beautiful home she has!!

~*~Patty S said...

What a wonderful way to begin any day and especially in this festive season with special friends in such lovely surroundings = Beautiful!
sounds delicious too...

for many years a friend of mine invites a group of us over for what she calls "Peace in the Madness" which is also early in the morning...I will always remember the year that snow was gently falling outside...she decorates to the nines too!

I L♥ve the holidays!
fa la laa

Jill said...

I love breakfast food, like you said who doesn't?! What a beautiful home!

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