Monday, December 10, 2007

We Won Second Place!

We found out last Wednesday night that we had won second place for our lights! A Christmas tree- shaped sign with "2nd place" was left in our yard. First prize went to neighbors down the street who had a Santa figure on their porch, grapevine reindeer on the roof, greenery over every window and a wreath hanging in each window too and all was tastefully lit up to accent the daytime decor. I heard that the judges were impressed with how neat and straight our lights were hung. What did our family do with our winnings ($50)? Donated it to the town's collection for the less fortunate. We are suddenly blessed financially here at year's end and can surely spare the money we wouldn't have had otherwise. God is good. It's easy to share the wealth when you have a rich Heavenly Father!

We had a "unique" time at the Corder town Christmas party last Friday. When I picked up Rebecca from the sitter, Rebecca was complaining of a stomach ache. We could see she was feeling puny, but forged ahead. At the party she wanted to lay down, be cuddled and didn't eat anything and then just before the rest of us finished eating she heaved up the contents of her little stomach TWICE! How can so much come out of someone so little?! I spent the remainder of the evening, seated in a chair close by the bathroom holding Rebecca and staying on the alert for new developements (there were two before the evening was over). Seth and Victoria visited with Santa (the real deal with natural wiskers and glasses he really uses to see with) and they brought Rebecca a treat bag and stuffed animal. I was not happy with their pictures- my husband knows how to use the zoom (!), so I don't understand the poor cropping. Therefor, I am still searching for the perfect "kids" photo to reproduce for Christmas mass mailing. Yes, I could go to Walmart and get a posed picture, but that would be too easy (and too mainstream). No, I have to make things difficult for myself.

Needless to say, I was up half the night Friday with a child who was thirsty, but could not keep Sprite down for more than 10 minutes. Thankfully, no one else in our family has been sick with the stomach flu. And hopefully, no one will be.


red tin heart said...

I am so happy you won second place!! Sorry to hear that the kids got the flu though. Hope everyone is up and going soon. xoxo Nita

Linda said...

Yeaaaaa....congratulations! And how wonderful ... what you did with the prize money! I'm sorry Rebecca was sick...hopefully that was the end of that. Yeah, pictures for the cards are often a challenge...I'm sure you'll figure it out...........soon.

Donna said...

Happy about the prize!!! Wonderful, what you did with it...Hopefully Rebecca will start feeling better. I've heard there's a 24hr bug on the loose! Stay well!

whimsymoon said...

Oh man!!! Your daughter looks just like you!!!!
It's you're her mom or something!!!LOL She really does look like a mini-you though!
Congrats on the 2nd place!! Take a picture of your house....I want to see it!!!

whimsymoon said...

Yeah~! I saw the photos of your house....(note to self...drink coffee before posting on friends blog!) You should have won first!!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Angela, You crack me up! I was about to post back that I DID have photos, but then scrolled down your second response and was glad I did. (note to self, ALWAYS read ALL posts before hastily responding. lol!)