Monday, May 5, 2008

Future NASCAR Driver

Our son learned to ride his 2 wheel bike, without training wheels, before he turned 5. Now at aged 8 (9 in August), Dad has decided Seth is ready to race 4-wheelers. Seth is a natural. The bike is an extention of himself. Seth is a shy, quiet kid with a secret daredevil's heart. My husband says it scares him to see what Seth can do on a bike, with confidence, that he wouldn't necessarily try himself. My husband also said that 4-wheeler racing is how some of the best NASCAR drivers started as kids. Okay. Even if Hubby is stretching the truth, seems like a good thing to encourage your child in what they have an affinity for. It would be nice to think that we have a future Junior in our midst, but having a winner now is even better. If he places last in every race, Seth will still be a winner to me. He tirelessly mows our yard (already) and is a hard worker. He will go far. Whether by bike, by mower, and someday, by car (NASCAR or not).

In the mean time, Seth has a darn good time mudding with his dad. You know you've had a good time when your clothing needs to be power washed, before it's laundered! Seth starts race training in a few weeks. Naturally, I am praying he doesn't break his neck.


Donna said...

Good for Seth!! He sounds like a Wonderful son!!hughugs

Linda said...

Oh, I love seeing your kids! Seth is so cute! They are covered in mud...what a laundry mess. ha Yes, he is going to do just fine.

Beth said...

so funny....we've been through this with our 16 year old as he is a dirt bike only took me a few minutes to understand where the name "dirt" bike came from !!!!

But boy it's great when a dad and his son can have this much fun together !!!