Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Useful Books Obsession

I love old books. But when someone does something phenomenal with an old book... well,... I have no word for it. Cindy Leader's "Useful Books" are my latest obsession. I own more than one, so almost have a collection (my mom says two is a pair, three is a collection. heehee) You have to see Cindy's stuff, but better yet, OWN one. Click here for her etsy store. My favorite books of hers are beautifully coptic stitched with the spine displayed and are made from covers of old books or as in this latest, delightful creation, a 45 record. But not just ANY 45 though- a translucent RED one and the song happens to be "Love's Secret". How perfect is that? And it's filled with graph paper, plain pages, children's book pages and pages from a child's music primer. Ready for journaling, altering or just browsing through and dreaming. I can't tell you how wonderful it is just to hold one of her books. I may never write or glue a single thing in it, but will enjoy it just the same. I just got the book in today's mail and HAD to share. Take a look at her beautiful creations. Buy one. You will be glad you did. I'll be buying a third sometime so I have a true collection started.


Anna-Marie said...

I love her books as well. They are very friendly, aren't they? You are fortunate to own some.

Like you said, I hope to make books that people will just love to hold.

Useful Books said...

Wow, Nathalie. I'm truly humbled by your comments. It means so much when a fellow artist values my work. Besides which, you're just an awesome sister. :) THANKS SO MUCH!



Donna said...

I,to, Love old books...happy night sweetheart!!hughugs

Laura said...

Ahhhh! This really gets me going! All last week when I was visiting my Dad we worked on a secret project where I am trying to use old books to make journals...this is inspiring!!! Yum, yum!!!! Her work is top notch gorgeous!!!

Beth said...

oh yummy..
I'm off to check out her blog/etsy !!

thanks for sharing !!

maggiegracecreates said...

I hoard old papers and stuff so much. I really am just like you - I may never write on a journal like this, but it sure makes me happy to have it.

I have started taking my pages and making matchbook type - paper packs that can be used as journals or just taken apart for the papers.

thanks for visiting maggiegracecreates