Monday, July 21, 2008

Take the Plunge!

This is my first altered book done in a round robin (or RR for short). The group was Collage Cats and the theme was "Ocean Fantasy". That was back in August 2003. In 2004 I added some of my own pages to fill in some blanks (just did some free form painting to add color) and today I added art to one of those free form pages, thanks to some inchies from Linda. There are still plenty of unaltered pages at the back, so the book will be a continuing project for awhile, but how great is that? I love the ocean and have a perfect home for postcards, poetry and other sea related findings. Makes me want to start another theme book- perhaps on "wings" (as in "hope is the thing with wings") since I have a thing for butterflies-- and birds are a popular icon right now. I never get tired of going through my ocean book. I suspect I would love browsing a butterfly book too. I also need to do a sewing book since I accumulate (vintage) sewing notions (and vintage books on sewing) like I actually sew a lot! Okay, I did sew at one time, but now just use stitching as an embellishment. I haven't sewn a piece of clothing in years. What could you organize in a book?

A close up from my "welcome page".

Linda's contributions are arranged on the right side (ATC and inchies that just came in the mail today!). I added some blank inchies of my own on the left side to continue the border. By the way, the pages were painted with kids' finger paint! A wonderful cornstarchy, translucent paint that allows me to glue anything on it with a simple glue stick.

Linda's art up close. I love her thoroughly modern mermaids!
Take the Altered Book plunge!


Donna said...

What a Fun Idea using kids Fingerpaint!!lolol...These are Beautiful sweetie!!hughugs

Joy for the Journey said...

Nathalie, I'm so glad you stopped my blog - I love yours! Your page with the saint from a few weeks back was my inspiration for the day!!
Sarah :)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am starting an altered book too. I love that you are part of a group.. That is neat.
"I will only let those in my shell who I can be completely honest with"
That stood out to me the most. I am that way..
Sending you love, NIta