Friday, August 1, 2008

Missionary Art

While rummaging in my studio (for what, I can't remember), I found this half started piece and decided *now* was the time to complete it. At least a year ago, my Vancouver, Canada friend, Deborah had sent me an envelope of block prints done on dictionary paper and other "odd" papers and I had started to tear and reassemble and then lost steam in the project. Today I noticed the addex (gazelle critter) on one of the dictionary pages so tore it out to add to this composition and then sewed the whole thing down on an old, yellowed greeting card (one of those non-profit solicitation cards you get in the mail). I added a piece of yarn I found on the floor (I hadn't vacuumed yet) and then serendipitiously, something resembling raffia was also laying around within grasp. Both were sewn down. I held the presser foot up a little on my sewing machine so I could float the card around like I was machine quilting. Very freeing!

Voila! A piece of art from the missions field.

Well, it could be.


Lorrie said...

yep, it does look like it comes from a foreign country somewhere. I clicked over here from Christian Paper ARtists, and have enjoyed looking at all your altered books.

I have just one question - where and how do you store them, and who looks at them? You, or others as well?


Nathalie Thompson said...

I have my books in flux right now. Some are in a traveling box that goes to and from the library altered book club I facilitate and some are on a bookshelf in my studio.

Donna said...

Again!!! You did it Again!! Beautiful work sweetheart!! Happy night!hughugs

proudgrits11 said...

Fond you though another blog...wanted to direct you toward mine, I've got a card giveaway happenin'!

Linda said...

Love it... you should do a series of mission field pieces. Don't you love when I think of projects for you? My altered books are sitting on shelves and no one looks at them but me. But they will be cherished by some antiquer in 40 years (or thriftstore person?). ha I also really like to use an old book as an art journal.

proudgrits11 said...

Hi, Natalie!! Just popping by to tell you that I love sharing my cards--just send me your name and mailing address to and I'll get some mailed out to ya! Check my blog and let me know which ones you like!
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