Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Un-Made ATC *HOPE*

I had signed up for 3 envelopes of "stuff" and was wondering if I was being an art glutton. Now I am SO glad I did! This was such a fun swap!
The last envelope of raw materials was from Linda. No "before" photo today, just a fabulous "after" picture. I love the model she sent as well as the ticket (there were two options) and compelling words (I had a few phrases to choose from). She had written a note saying I didn't have to use everything, but I still managed to use a lot! A saucy model, ticket, lacy trim, paper flowers, crown (there were 3 of those too!), words, and the round seals in the background. Somehow it all works!
D'avantage est rarement suffisant.
More is rarely enough.
~Ophelia B. Clise
Now go make some art!


Anna said...

love it.... again - the sayings yall come up with are sooooooo funny. You two are cut from the same bolt.... or spun from the same skein.... (had to make an art reference somehow..) great job... I plan to post my unmade ATC's soon (on the blog...) and I also wanted to share my amazing CHARMS! but I had to talk about my cute babies first :) xoxo anna

Margaret said...

and now credit crunch art! brilliant! love everything about this one!

Donna said...

Wonderful sweetie!! Stay happy!hughugs

Linda said...

Oh..wow...I haven't left a comment. Guess I commented about this on CPA? Well..I think it's the best Un-Made ATC out there myself. rofl And...anna...cheap paperbacks are a great source of "sayings"!