Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unmade ATC Swap- MADE

So what is an unmade ATC swap? It's something Donna K. cooked up at Christian Paper Artists. A frugal swap costing little in postage but is big on creativity. I sent out 3 envelopes with raw materials and ATC blanks, and in turn I am getting back envelopes of raw materials and ATC blanks. The first envelope I got was from Anna. She sent me a brownish ATC blank, paper flowers, a scrap of cork, a lovely pearl stick pin, a K & Co. "legacy" sticker (a nod to my blog's name), a piece of velvet ribbon, a piece of toile designed paper, a couple pearly flower buttons and a scrap of Shakespearean sonnet. I decided to go with the "more is more" idea and used EVERYTHING except the toile, ribbon and one flower button. I certainly couldn't pass up the pin and cork! My own additions were the rubber stamped image background and a couple tiny buttons to use for flower centers. Ta-DA!
Let me tell you, this is the lumpy-est ATC I have ever made.


Lorrie said...

Lumpy or not, it's beautiful! I've not yet received any of my unmade ATCs but will have fun with them when they come.


Shabby Chick said...

Oh I love that! I think it's a great idea, I suppose it makes you use different materials and try out new things.

Mel xxx

Anna said...

girlfriend - leave it to you be such the Michael angelo with a few scraps, buttons, cork and a sticker..... You never cease to amaze...... xoxo anna

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Hey girl, thanks for helping me feel better on my blonde day!!! ;) Such a silly me... Bailey and I laugh everyday about it! ;P
LOVE this little ATC! Nice job- What a great idea for a swap! I missed it... but maybe there will be another. I LOVE your blog, I feel so comfy here... ;) You've been added to my blog roll - my NEW one! LOL

Margaret said...

I love lumpy! it's a fab card!! This is such a great idea for a swap, very inspired.

Linda said...

It turned out great... fab even.. glad you told me about the didn't hit me. (legacy) You and Anna are so on top of things. I haven't gotten my "raw materials" yet. I know Lorrie is sending to me from Canada...should get soon she said.
My verification word is nestw!!!

Jeanie said...

First, it's beautiful, lumps and all.

Second, what a fabulous idea! I must remember that one for when my surgery is over and I can create again -- that would be a fun one to share!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Such a pretty ATC!!! What a fun swap idea, bubble envelopes are a great invention, aren't they!!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Love what you did and how you used everything! Your stamp is divine ~ love it!