Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Creative Mother's day!

I am tickled when my kids follow in my creative footsteps. I was allowed to sleep late this morning and then was greeted with a bouquet of irises picked from the patch growing with wild abandon behind our garage. My inventive son (aged 9- almost 10) made a tall vase from two tin cans; cutting the bottom out of one and taping them together. I absolutely love that he left the labels on! The vase is reminiscent of the junk journals I've been making lately.
As you can see, I have a typical artists' kitchen. Teapots and the breadbox share counter space with bottles of glue. hee hee What's on your counter top?


Margaret said...

you have super cool stuff on your counter top, to be expected really! love the new vase, it really does match your current 'junk'theme

Linda said...

Love the vase! He has watched you closely, hasn't he!!! Doesn't everyone have glue in every room? And scissors? ha!

Ashlyn said...

Love the vase! How sweet! I don't have any glue on my counter top but I have scissors, paint brushes and paint thinner in a mason jar. LOL
Hugs, Ashlyn

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, this is about as charming and endearing and creative as it gets! It would have made me cry tears of joy and amazement.

Well, I don't have artist type stuff in the kitchen but in my work space I have about two empty coke cans, a half empty glass with ice melted, a remote control, a camera I should have turned off ten minutes ago, some pastels, scissors, markers, glue, and artist tape - all within reach and will all have to be tidied up a bit in a minute so I have somewhere to work again!

Thanks for visiting me. You have a lovely blog with lots of delicious ideas and art works that I am anxious to drool over some more before I leave! Enjoy a creative week!


Jeanie said...

Oh, what sweet kids! Love it, love the vase, too!

Oh, you have a divine counter! Mine? A wine glass with a broken stem (it's a perfect circle -- I may need it someday). Two bunnies I made from washcloths leftover from Easter. (One still has an egg; that goes on trash day!)A tiny bucket of leftover malt balls and jellybeans. A jar of Golden gel medium. Several repair projects -- angel wings, a canvas being ribboned on the side, one bunny ear and a fused glass necklace bezel! Probably crumbs, too!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

what a precious, thoughtful and unforgettable gift from your son, I just Love it! The answer to what is on my counter tops....A LOT! No matter how often I clear them, they seem to fill up. I like seeing my stuff, if it's put away it's out of sight and well you know :)