Friday, May 8, 2009

Junk Mail (journal)

I made this junk journal for Linda and in my excitement to get it into the mail to her, didn't take a photo. But she did. And I "borrowed" it. It's got some of my favorite stuff (the color brown, the Bija tea box) because I started to make it for myself, but then decided I could wait so sent it to Linda. I knew she would like the blue couch the young woman was reclining on and I am not one to keep all the best original images for myself. I won't live long enough to use them all! Go see her blog for inside pages!

And go see Ashlyn for her first junk journal.


Ashlyn said...

I already seen this at Linda's sight but I just had to stop over and give you props for this cover, it's awe-inspiring!

Hugs, Ashlyn
P.S. Thanks for the plug ;)

Linda said... I said on my blog... I will color copy that stamp and hoard it now. ha! I love it.

Donna said...

Cool!!! Great work sweetie!!hughugs