Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wind Power, Baby!

Go here for a great project for the kids, or to give to friends who need to let their troubles soar away on the wind. A friend had given me four of these kites she made, one for me and three for my kids so we could go play in the park sometime. Instead, I gave three of the kites away as other kids in the park saw my son playing with his and wanted to know where we got such a cool toy. Made me wish I had more to give away. You should have seen these kids play. No battery powered toy would have given such joy!

And the materials aren't expensive. I made two today from kid art, bamboo skewers (wind fall twigs would do!), a cut up plastic trash bag (tail), cereal box cardboard (for winding string on) and that fine crochet thread for making doilies (I have balls of it from the thrift store- NOW I have a reason for buying it!).

So go let your inner child play. And take another child or two with you!


Linda said...

Okay! I'll get right to that....

Margaret said...

very cool! we just need a windy day now!