Friday, August 14, 2009

Glorious Morning

I have spent the whole summer sleeping in late, but now with school just a week away, we have started the "earlier to bed, earlier to rise" routine to train for the very early mornings coming up. I take great pleasure in rousting the kids before they want to be up!

This morning I discovered the beautiful morning glories blooming in our yard while I slept away the summer. Purple ones (or blue?) have grown around our pond and white ones bloom over the trellace framing our gate into the yard. The pink blooms in the photo is a rose of sharon bush by my bedroom window.

And the most lively flower in the yard, is of course, Rebecca. She barely stands still long enough to be photographed. Here she is posed in mid-fidget; one leg poised to run as soon as the photo session is over. She'll be off to a second year of pre-school this year, 3 days a week. I'll have a few mornings to myself to commune with the flowers and a cup of tea.


Little Brown Rabbit said...

Hello Nathalie
Lovely to meet you :)
I'm so pleased you like my Birds!
You have a great blog- I love the quote at the top!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



Anna said...

we are in the same boat sister...... marcel is 3rd yr preschool (mon,wed, fri) 3 hrs a day..... hardly know what I will do with myself :) we start back on the 24th

Cindy Ericsson said...

Such lovely flowers, especially that last one! My boys started back to school last week, so I'm hoping to whip this house into shape (ha!) and make some art!

Linda said...

I'm excited that school is starting and more of my friends can play!

femminismo said...

Enjoy those extra hours of "alone" morning time, but remember to put Rebecca's head to toe braces on every evening when you put her to bed so she doesn't grow toooooo fast!

Margaret said...

Rebecca looks very composed mid fidget! love the colours in your garden, fab!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Rebecca sure is a precious girl humoring her mommy for a photo op!
What's the story morning glory!!! That is one healthy looking vine...I want it!!! :)
I have one limping along in a whiskey barrel, it needs watering about twice a day it seems!
Morning glories are so beautiful in bud stage too, yours are beautiful!!!
No schedule in summer is fun, but having the kiddies back in school is also nice eh

Jeanie said...

So beautiful, Nathalie! Love the flowers and what a pretty little girl!

Ashlyn said...

Rebecca's adorable portrayal of innocence blows the morning glories away. She's beautiful!!

Hugs, Ashlyn