Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Shabby Attempt

I don't "do" the Shabby Chic Cottage Quaint thing myself, but because I know people who adore that certain shade of blue and certain avarian symbols, I naturally accumulate those items when I find them. Some people are just too easy to shop for!
This house shaped shadow box (thrift store purchase!) was literally Ugly Dickling gray when I started. I am hoping to have a beautiful swan of a creation when I'm done. It isn't coming easy, because, as I said, I am not naturally a Shabby Chick. Any design suggestions are welcomed!
I have said and shown too much, but it KILLS me to keep really good, tasty morsels to myself.
Your secret is safe with me, just not my own!
hee hee hee hee


Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

Thanks so much for the mention! *blush* It looks stunning from what I can see, what a wonderful find! Anything you want to ask fire away (my email is if you want to contact me that way)

Mel xxx

Margaret said...

fab blue you've got going there, I reckon you're doing a whole lot better than you think!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo what a wonderful find! looks great to me! I like the shabby chic look, truth be told, I just like 'old stuff' ... it always feels nice to me when I rescue something, but there's a price to pay for that...quickly running out of room for all of this great 'stuff' :) that cup is precious btw

kiwicarole said...

For someone not into this, I think it's fantastic, you're doing a fab job!
And anyway, at the end of the day if you don't like it, there will be a cue of us all waiting for it! lol
carole x

perilloparodies said...

what a fun set up!!! so pretty. and so full of nature's bounty and a neat mix of things.

Linda said...

Pardon me while I clear my throat and put my eyes back in my head. I do believe I want this! I do believe!!! I doooooo believe. Has this post been up since Wed? Where have I been? It's looooking good.... Even if it was Ugly Dickling gray! rofl

Ashlyn said...

Nice!! Love the color!!

Ideas: Crackle overlay is very shabby chic and a little pink never hurts. ;)