Wednesday, December 2, 2009

DAY 2 Matchbox Advent Calendar

When they saw the star,
they were overjoyed.
Matthew 2:10
Artwork by Mardi James
How did you name your blog? Ruth posed that question and many answered and I decided to join the game. I first named my blog (just over 2 years ago), "Art Is My Life" but decided it sounded too desperate and after much thought, came up with "An Artist's Legacy" because I am so into old stuff and the stories it tells and really, truly want to a leave a mark on the world; with my art, with my words, with my actions. Mainly though, I want my kids to know who I am, so this is my on-line journal for them and anyone else who reads is a bonus. My main criteria for a name was that the title started with the letter "A" so it would pop to the top of bookmarked pages and searches. I had self promotion in mind! Okay, so it's not just for my kids to read someday! Haha! I have an etsy shop and before that, sold on ebay, but ultimately I would like to sell my art. Got to get famous - or infamous, first. :) So go visit Ruth and see how others came up with their blog names. And maybe join in yourself. What's your story?


Cindy Ericsson said...

You are definitely making your mark on the world, Nathalie.

Thanks for the matchbox advent posts -- yesterday's reminded me to start hanging mine on the twig tree. (The to-do list has stolen my brain & I forgot the date again.)

Margaret said...

I always think it's cool to find out why a blog is so named, there's usually something more behind the name! Mx

ooglebloops said...

Love this day 2 box - very cute!!!
I guess I should post where my blog name came from - many have asked!!! You were smart to have it start with an "A" - I was not so computer literate at the time, and did not know about things like that.............hhhmmmm, maybe that's why my blog is slow to attract followers!!! LOL

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

oh you ARE a clever gull Ms Nathalie!!! Fun story and lovely 2 Dec matchbox as well!
I am so happy you've touched my life with your bbb, words, dreams, art, thoughtfulness, kindness and talents ... did I forget anything ;)

Linda said...

I remember when you started your blog! It's a daily treat for me now.... or whenever you update it... you are on a roll. I'm going to send everyone here to see the matchboxes... need to hang mine!

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Hi, Nathalie, it's nice to meet you. Such a pretty place you have, all these lovelies that are homemade by you. My daughter Lesley has an etsy shoppe, and she is currently giving it her best so that she can soon quit her job and start a family. It's tough! Blogs are so great, just as you said, for documenting our lives for family, for sharing things we want to sell, for sharing ideas, for whatever we want. What a privilege!

Thank you for participating in How I Named My Blog!

La Dolce Vita said...

lovely upcycling this dear calendar!

bad penny said...

I will pop over ! The Hen House stands for what it is ... plain & simple... I was getting hens & I like to chat !

The Linen Shelf was to represent natural fabrics... linen calico muslin etc which I want to learn to print onto and literally dusting my art things off the shelf & trying to get creative again after a long long gap.

Candace said...

Well, eyecandy is kind of obvious, I suppose. I love beauty and my name is Candace (nickname Candy) and as I do visuals, art, and write up a storm... it just popped out. Also, I like eyecandy myself. T says it's fitting that my initials are CAW, like the sound a crow makes.
Because like an old crow, if it's shiny, if it catches my eye somehow, well, I fly right to it! I have found such treasures -- like here!
Take good care.