Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mail from a Swiss Bee

There is something about mail from afar.

The foreign postage, the texture of the paper envelope,

the unique recycled packaging inside.

The black and white "cow" box once held something "Swissedition",

but now held something else Swiss made...

I LOVE the seemingly careless assemblage of textures

and made with Margaret's favorite shade of blue!

I have one blue sweater and now can't wait to wear it.

Margaret's brooch may become a permanent addition to the sweater!

Margaret warned us that her dangle charm thingie was monstrously ginormous (I forget her exact words describing its less than petite size), but I personally, instantly fell in love with it!!! Buttons, paper beads, a scrap of lace and lots of silver wire. What is there NOT to love about it? Black and brown are my favorite colors to wear.

And so, because I was wearing one of my favorite sweaters, I didn't waste much time in finding a ball chain and slipping on the new charm. I feel quite regal with the dangling crown charm and black faceted bead.

Thank you SO much Margaret!!!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Fabulous post for our Margaret showcasing her wonderful treasures!

I just posted my Charmed from Switzerland post too!

I feel so lucky to have artwork from each of you Queen Bees, a very nice growing collection!!!

Margaret said...

Inspired use of gigantic charm! how perfect does that look, what a great colour match! I just wish I'd made one for myself now as I also have a chain I could hang it on, see I really need to be led, so don't fall upon these ideas myself! fab! Mx

Linda said...

Love it...need to update my blog so you can see mine. Your blog was backdated...didn't fall in my blog roll..thank goodness for Patty telling me it was here. I need assistance.

bad penny said...

It is Regal !

How wonderful receiving that mysterious package. I'm in a seven day of specialness February swap - my swap partner & I have chosen the 8th - 14th - can't wait !

Jeanie said...

You get the best mail ever!

Marlynn said...

WOW oh WOW - my little NatHalia - you do GET the best mail ever.... Lovely posts the last few times with all of your treasure trove! Have a good day, stay warm, love your sweater...