Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is It a Sign?

I just caught this today after a thunderstorm.
A huge double rainbow.
It has been a rough week.
A power outage Tuesday night
(due to a storm).
Air conditioning trouble Wednesday
(power outage related).
Kid-related stress on Thursday
(they expect me to drop everything to meet their needs).
Friday was okay, just tiring.
Today, the storm was a welcome event.
It seemed to wash away the junk of this past week.
And the rainbow was amazing.
Next week has got to be better!


kiwicarole said...

remember - good things come to those who wait!
hugs C

Margaret said...

Fantastic pic, I hope the storm has cleared the air a bit! roll on next (better) week)
ps word verification has 'calm' in it!!

Lovey said...

Beautiful...a promise of better days ahead....

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Here's to a happier week filled with many moments of joy! And creativity!
Blessings and Love,

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

a double rainbow is VERY special and what a marvelous capture in your photo

sorry you had an especially rough week sweetie!

sending good vibes your way ... always do
BIG hugs to ya Lady!
word verification: poozogi
sounds like a word to use when you wave your magic wand ;)

Linda said...

Double rainbows are a sign of good things, or that you need glasses!'s wedding week in our corner of the will be good! We lost power last night and a great big limb!

Lorrie said...

A good storm can clear the air - weatherwise and emotionally. I hope the double rainbow is indicative of double the blessings this week.

Jeanie said...

Beautiful photo. And yes it always gets better!