Friday, November 18, 2011

Compulsive Collecting #312 Children's School Scissors

Yes! When I find a pair of vintage, paper cutting, scissors at the thrift store,

at a garage, or estate sale,

I buy them!

Brings back memories of grade school and doing crafty things.

I also just like the look of their all metal construction.

This is not my whole collection-- I need to find the rest,

squirreled away somewhere.


But moving on...

Don't you love the bit of rust and age patina on this red handled pair?

Here's a pair of "safety" scissors (blunt tips).

I have used all of these for cutting at one time or another,

when other scissors have gone missing around the house.


One pair made it into an assemblage tag I created, that was printed in Somerset Studio's "Fearless" issue.

My thesis was,

"Being fearless is,

having never used bee's wax before,

deciding it was a good fit with metal."

I was pleased that the editor "got" my idea and found some room on a page to print my art!

I'm not endorsing RUNning with scissors,

but some rules can be broken,

where no one gets hurt--

Some interesting, new things are explored

and amazing things happen.

What do you compulsively collect?


Linda said...

Oh wow.... I don't think I knew about this obsession of your's! I have nothing that can really compare. But I will be sending you vintage children's scissors in the future!!! hee hee

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your scissor collection is fantastic and I absolutely love the addition of beeswax to your tag. Stunning! I collect books and pestle and mortars. penny

Ann said...

i do believe one of the first posts of yours that i read was the one with the scissor assemblage...i thought it was just fabulous!!
what a unique item to collect!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I will never look at another pair without thinking of you...I love the assemblage and the delicate rust evidence. Blessings, Mary Helen

~*~Patty S said...

Everything you collect speaks to me...LOVE your published piece...they could have done a whole article on your creativity missy!

scissors remind me that I have a wooden ruler collection ... I have a fat vase full

I am drawn to so many's just not funny hah

Cynthia Eloise said...

oh i remember the blunt end ones. that's all they would let us use in the primary grades.

BadPenny said...

Be afraid Be very afraid with that huge collection ! Very nostalgic.
I love what you made & the idea behind it & that the magazine printed it too.

I keep all the corks from wine bottles & display them in an old printers' tray. Such lovely designs & muted colours which I like.

Margaret said...

Love your scissor collection and of course the special one preserved in wax! I have quite a healthy collection of keys now, I really should hang them up at some stage. Mx

kimmie said...

Ok ... One more thing to be on the lookout for!! What do I collect? Sheesh, got a minute (or ten?) ... I have a special fondness for old bakeware (tin) and farming wife cookbooks. I love old sewing notions. Old books. Postcards. Stamps. I think you know what I mean :)