Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Never Throw Anything Out

Most everything is pregnant with possibilities in my book.

Long after the bit of vintage taffeta was used up, I held onto the cardboard spools and packaging, because I just knew they could be repurposed into something wonderful. I just didn't know what, right off. Some things have to clutter up my work space for awhile and be a daily reminder that they have fabulous potential.

Then last night, around 9:30, inspiration hit.

I had been toying with how to present this home movie film I found in my basement (abandoned by a previous owner of our house) and the ribbon spools naturally came to mind-- and because I never buried them into a drawer or box, I could find them easily!

Why reinvent the wheel, when 60 years ago, someone brilliant already designed great packaging?

By the way, the film is also pregnant with possiblities!

I have only begun to play with it!

As an embellishment, it's a no brainer.

Here I grabbed a button card, with two buttons left hanging on by a thread (literally), and transformed it into a tag.

Film is going the way of printed books in this digital world.
Preserve a piece or two in your art!

Perhaps there's a film noir altered book you're working on that needs this kind of authentic element?

Or a classic movies themed ATC series?

I am going to attempt a brooch next.

(You will just have to come back and look now, won't you?)

I am selling the 8mm film in 5 yard lengths in my etsy shop.

You saw it here first!


Heavens2Betsy said...

I LOVE the way you have presented the movie film in such a cleverly creative way. And your button card transformation is lovely too. Fabulous! penny

Ann said...

you know I'll come back to take a look!!
you have fabulous ideas!!
love old film!..i have boxes of old home movies from my childhood!! i remember the HUGE ,BRIGHT LIGHTS that went along with my Dad..a budding Mr. DeMille! many of my childhod Christmas mornings began with my twin and i waiting until Dad got the movie camera going..the BLINDING WHITE LIGHTS!!..THE TEMPORARY LOSS OF VISION!! no wonder i looked like a startled deer in headlights!!..the 50's..gotta love the era!!
gosh..miss my dad and mom!!..i can hear my mom saying,,"girls,just one more minute.RALPH,would you hurry!! the girls are waiting".!!

Dianne said...

Love what you did with the film! Sorry I missed your birthday and Tuesday Tea. I've been preoccupied with other things lately... Love your collected crockery... Isn't it cool when you find pieces by chance like that? Happy belated!

kimmie said...

Tres cool, ruby my dear :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Wonderful re-energizing of the quickly disappearing artifact of our lives over the decades. Thank you , Mary Helen

Joanna said...

Brilliant - I'm so impressed you could find the spools when you wanted them. I can never find anything, it drives me MAD!

Very cool tag!


Margaret said...

brilliant! love it all, totally inspired and i love that the film is so small. If my brain was half the speed of yours I'd never get any sleep!!

~*~Patty S said...

ooo I can what kept you up til the wee hours now!!!

fab post and inspiration
and the film is so delicate

Love it Nathalie!

BadPenny said...

They were made for each other ! Love your button card.

Linda said...

The film is so small...that's amazing....

Jill said...

very cool. :)

Marva said...

Oh how cool! I came via Patty's blog and didn't realize you're Ruby Floy! I've bought some very cool things from your shop! Nice to meet you!