Monday, April 23, 2012

More Nesting News

Husband Informs Wife That Birds in Wreath Nest
Have Flown the Coop.
Details to come.

It's true.
Our mother cardinal has somehow managed to remove her two fledglings
(they did not look ready to fly to me!)
and the mystery egg, since my last post.
I never got a chance to get  a picture of the birds in their fluffy stage.
I waited too long!
Just odd how they all left without a trace.
I mean, how does a bird carry an egg?!

Fortunately, we have a new bird family to follow.
My son had mentioned seeing a robin sitting on a nest, in a tree, in our front yard.
He showed it to me today.

I could not wait to get my camera and "shoo" her off in the name of blogging!
All  had to do was come within 5 feet of the tree,
and she flew off to a safe distance to watch me.
Took this photo with the zoom on my camera.
Isn't it amazing?
I can't believe my luck!
There are 3 eggs-- all robin's egg blue.
No mystery egg this time!
I am relieved for the mama bird.
All of the little birds will be hers.

The nest is a mere 4.5 feet off the ground,
in the crotch of this ornamental pear tree.
I stood a little on my tiptoes for the eggs in nest photo.
No ladder required!
I promise not to disturb the nest much,
but hopefully I won't miss the chicks' fluffy stage this time!


Joanna said...

As you say, how on earth does a bird carry an egg??!! I'm sorry we couldn't see the departure but I'll keep my fingers crossed that all is well for them.

Sweet little robin, she doesn't seem to have chosen the best of places although she's made a beautiful nest :o)

Linda said...

I NEVER get to see the baby departures around here. And I TRY!! They slip away in the night. Maybe mama bird ate the egg? I love the robin pictures! You ARE so lucky! This morning a cardinal family was out with one new baby hopping around. DH had just raised the garage door when he saw he didn't go out. Sure bird hopped into the garage... mama was not happy. I watched and when baby hopped out....many minutes later... I let the garage down.

Yvonne said...

Well, you never know do you! :) I found a nest once that was aboaut 2 feet off the ground in a wild schrub along a fenceline, while geo cacheing. It had some cowbird eggs in it. I wonder if they ever hatched or something got them. I have been seeing teeny tiny hummingbirds at my feeders the past few days. I don't know how old they are but they are only about 2 inches in length, if that. Cute little hummers!

~*~Patty S said...

Robin's eggs are gosh darn pretty aren't fav color and your photo is perfect

We had a crazy Robin banging its head against the glass door on our back porch ... relentlessly
she had a poop-a-rama on the porch too...had to cover things in black plastic (what a mess...ugh!)...either she didn't like that or just finally gave up with a sore head/beak

I watch the birds alot from my computer chair...very entertaining! cheep cheep ;)
Happy Thursday!

Margaret said...

What amazing coloured eggs, if I didn't know you better I'd have sworn you altered them yourself lol!! I hope she's ok in the tree, she really hasn't chosen the highest of spots to nest! mx

ooglebloops said...

Wow- that robin didn't waste any time filling the vacancy!!