Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea and Letters

I love letter writing in the morning.
It's probably why I don't do a whole lot of journaling, because I put my thoughts down in a letter, to my mom, a close friend, and mail them off.
I spend my mornings in the dining room where we get the morning sun.
I don't have too many of these quiet days left since my kids are finished with school May 17th!
So I am cherishing these leisurely tea and last few peaceful dining room days.

This morning I'm writing a letter on a museum card.
I've had these cards forever and only just rediscovered them.
They are photos of paper dresses, inspired by historic couture.
The nice thing about museum notecards is that, when the cards are used up, there is still a pretty box to keep.  These dress cards were my favorite for a long time, so I hated to use them up.
But you can't keep everything, can you?
(I try, but it's just not practical!)

Speaking of correspondence, if you haven't been keeping up with my other blog,
you might be interested to know that Hoardica has possibly gone missing.
She was last seen in New Zealand.
(Carole, what have you done with her?!)

Happy Tea Tuesday, and go see Kimmie for more tea posts!


Yvonne said...

Letter writing is getting to be a lost art. I love writing letters too and have some old postcards and notecards. My friend Lana and I sometimes write each other, but most of the time it is phone calls or email or Facebook with everyone. Happy tea day.

Lorrie said...

This post brings back memories of the letters I wrote while we lived in South America. Long epistles to family and friends, always accompanied by a cup of tea.

Love those cards - it is hard to use them up sometimes, isn't it?

~*~Patty S said...

It's nice to know people are preserving the art of handwritten notes and on such pretty cards too...I am a sucker for cards AND their boxes...it's nice having a variety on hand even from years gone by for that special someone!

Happy tea day to you...
imagining you with sunlight on your pen


Nancy said...

Happy T day :) Love writing things....and your mystery!

Linda said...

I love that you write to your mom all the time. I used to do that... What do you think happened to Hoardica? I bet she's tramping in New Zealand!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Museum cards are always fun, because of the good quality, as well as the art, which can be framed afterward. I always loved sending that particular type of card, and when I received one, I immediately looked on the back to see the gallery or museum it came from. Perfect with a fine cup of tea, too.

Joanna said...

Gosh, those paper dresses are lovely!

kimmie said...

I am terrible at letter writing - I always have great intentions - and then just don't make the time for it! Your cards are beautiful - you ought to scan some of them so you can use them in collage projects - great colors and textures!!

May 17th?!?! we have until June 21st I think .... I feel for you :)


Margaret said...

I love your Museum cads, nothing like a good piece of art to inspire you! Mx