Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jars of Stuff or More Compulsive Collecting

I just listed more blue canning jars for sale in my etsy shop
and they put to mind some of the crazy things I collect in jars.
Most are bought as-is.
I love stuff in jars!

One of my favorites is a small ink bottle of sequins.
I bought them just like this at my local thrift store.
In this very bottle.
 (And I didn't even bother cleaning off the price tag completely)

Rolly eyes anyone?

Even more fun sprinkled from a bacon bits jar!
Really, I got them just like this at the thrift store!
I could put them in a more aesthetically pleasing jar,
but this is funnier.

I like keeping string in jars.
The balls don't roll away and they make a nice display.

This jar is aesthetically pleasing, but may be the only one in my collection.
(I sell the rest, but can't part with this one!)
It also holds rusted bottle caps, a random brass thimble, and
occasionally vintage scissors.
The pins you see sticking out of the top is because my balls of string also double as an impromptu pincushion.
What's in your jars?


Lorrie said...

Ribbons, sea glass, buttons, old fasteners (suspenders, clips, etc), - jars are GREAT!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I can't believe there was a day when I threw jars away. Most folks still do that. I just can't and now I have a whole collection that I am trying to crochet cozies for. Some jars I actually save for storing food items. Some for storing craft stuff. And some will be gifted and filled with chocolates or flowers. Must get back to crocheting now. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

ooglebloops said...

One large blue canning jar w.zinc lid is slowly filling up with only M.O.P vintage buttons, another has white beach stones from a long ago return to LI, alot have loose leaf tea, others have thread, there is a jar for everything - You and I share the same jar attraction!!!! I get ones from thrift stores filled w/ assorted bits - fun to sort thru!!!

Linda said...

I have more bottles than jars!!! And my jars are all full of buttons...sorted by color or kind, of course! rofl

MaryL said...

Living on a boat negates keeping things in jars... but I do keep all the plastic containers with good fitting lids for food storage and such... I often daydream though, that If I lived in a house I would have colorful bottles in every window and wonderful jars along every book case! :)

~*~Patty S said...

lovely jar selection and stuff in them Mz N

I keep all manner of things in jars...I have one with metal Monopoly pieces...tiny gold safety pins in another and I always "rescue" the little jam and honey pot jars when we go to B&B's or overseas...they are perfect for holding beads and other little things

I would hang on to that last jar too! I like to be able to SEE my clear counters here

Happy June to you and yours

kimmie said...

jars are perfect because you can see what's in them!
I keep buttons, thread spools, safety pins, rubber bands, things like that - each in their own jar. I love the oogly boogly eyes in a jar though - that would be a fun one to shake up :)

Jill said...

Everything in jars here too! I just found two more gallon jars with screw on lids at a garage sale last weekend...score! The string as a pin cushion is fun!