Wednesday, January 30, 2008

5 Things About Myself

Donna tagged me to list 5 things about myself.

1. I am a procrastinator.
2. I like coffee but am NOT addicted to Starbucks (over rated, sorry if I offend).
3. I have lost 10 pounds without Jenny Craig's help, nor Weight Watchers watching me nor Nutra System feeding me. It's called eating healthy (just say NO to prepackaged foods, bacon, Little Debbies and Hostess anything!)
4. I am dogmatic (see #3.)
5. I am late picking up Rebecca from the sitter's- got to GO!



Donna said...

How Fun are these answers??LOL Thanks SO much for playing along Girl!! Have fun today!!

Beth said...

Congrats on those 10 pounds !
You must feel great !!

and I'm with you on Starbucks...are we the only ones ?

red tin heart said...

i have lost 5 pounds with weight watchers sniffing my drawers.. LoL
Interesting facts.. xoxo nita

newcreationart said...

Nathalie, I'm so glad to hear of your results with eating healthy. I've made that choice, as well. I've started a new blog at to chronicle my journey towards healthy living. I sure do miss the Little Debbie swiss cake rolls, but I'm hoping that soon I'll be enjoying the fruit so much that I won't think about them.

Blessings and health to you,
Carrie (CPA)