Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Sound of Silence

When I am by myself, alone,
have the whole house to myself,
I don't turn on the TV for company
put on music to fill the void.
I enjoy the silence.
When the kids are home, the TV is on non-stop.
static and noise
only punctuated by the demands
MOM! MOM! MaaaaaaaahM!
for a drink, a turn on the X Box, for someone to stop hitting
or sticking out a tongue
stop being mean.
When my husband is home, the TV is on non-stop.
static and noise
rev and whine of of NASCAR engines
staccato gunfire and screeching getaway car
seen it a million times syndicated show from the last decade
with canned laughter.
When no one is home, but me, the TV is NOT on.
the stereo is mute
I have made no room in my art studio
for even the smallest CD player.
the house is
except for the furnace quietly kicking on to spread heat
or the ticking of the clock
or the patter of rain falling softly outside
or the sigh of the dog
or the creaking of the house
as it settles into a more comfortable position.


Donna said...

Geez..where's my blanket and book!!!LOL I'm WITH YOU!!!!

Laura said...

Sounds good!!! (pun intended!) I get so tired of the TV being on!! Love to read a book in silence!

Linda said...

wow......very well said... kind of "poetic" even! I tend to leave all noise off when I'm in the "art room"...sometimes I put music on...but usually I am best with silence, too.

Beth said...

this was so good !!
I'm not sure if you meant it to be a poem, but it read like one !!!
And usually poems leave me a little bit dumb-founded, but this one I understood COMPLETELY !!!
Here's to quiet and solitude....if only for an hour at a time !!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Yep Linda and Beth, I meant it as a poem. Something different from the usual paragraphs of prose. :)

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

I love being alone. Just doing what I want to do... xoxo Nita