Sunday, January 20, 2008

ART JOURNALing Finally!

I dedicate this post to Beth, who I have only recently met, but feel like I've known forever already. She struck up an email conversation with me and inspired me with her own art journal. She reminded me that I was first inspired by Teesha Moore. Yes, Beth, this one's for you! You gave me that extra kick in the pants to pull out a forgotten art text book that I had done a fabulous cover treatment on, but never altered a single page inside. The book had been languishing for a year and a half, until today.

Today I spent easily 4 hours lost in rummaging through an old magazine, digging out some choice ephemora pieces tucked away in a folio. Arranging, rearranging, changing. Gluing, adding. Having FUN FUN FUN! Why did I NOT try this sooner? OhMyGOsh!!!!!

Okay, so it is like doing an altered book, only it's okay to leave negative space. I always have felt like it all had to be filled, but not with a journal. Can't wait to start writing in it! Oh, the places I will go! The dreams I will record! The worlds I will explore! And my favorite bits and shreds will find a special, permanent place. I might actually put a dent in my huge stash of old paper I keep saving for "someday".

This is going to be a good year! I've lost 7 lbs. already and I have firmly started my mission to do art regularly. I am excited to see what evolves. Stay tuned. :)


Donna said...

What a fun idea!! Glad that you're being So productive and having fun to!!

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

i love your art !! you are a talented woman. and I am so proud of you for losing 7 pounds! have a great day.
thinking of you often..

Linda said...

Yeah Nathalie! You are having a great year! I love Teesha Moore, too. Did I tell you she and hubby were at Quilt Festival one year and I got to hold his journals? Awesome!

Ellen Lyn said...

Teesha also inspired me first, and you have definitely pegged her vibe with your journaling! I love it and thoroughly enjoy your blog! Kudos on those lost 7 too!

Beth said...

YIPPEE....I'm doing my art journaling happy dance for you!!!...and thank you for letting me the one to "get you going"...but you know, you had it all was just hibernating !!

Your journal already looks fabulous and fun !!...and don't be surprised when a page every now and then gets done and you decide that there really isn't even any reason to add any writing to it...that it's perfect just the way it is !!!

And now if you want to go really crazy...get out some paints and you will be in HEAVEN !!!

CAUTION....paint/painting is addictive !...and at my house it takes over part of the kitchen counter near the sink !


Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

You have been awarded!! xoxo Nita

whimsymoon said...

Lovely! Your journal looks wonderful so far! Congrats on the 7!!!

Laura said...

Wow!!! Yipee!! I am excited by your enthusiasm!!!!! So glad you are having fun doing this art journal! Beth is a good one for inspiration! Her work is so gorgeous!!! I just found out that her art is going to be on the COVER of the next Somerset Legacy!!!!

You art journal is looking very cool! Love your style!

Anonymous said...

Love the Teesha Moore page! And congratulations on the weight loss. Geesh..I'd be SO happy if I could lose just 5 pounds!! And the Holidays certainly didn't help...LOL!