Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy...

For those who are familiar with Veggie Tales, you might recognize the words from a song in one of their first videos, sung by a character who was too self important. Maybe I am that (self important- my husband thinks so, aka selfish), but I have also been definitely busy. I have groaned everytime I stopped by my blog and seen the same Valentine greeting still up. What? The Blog Fairies didn't come by and update my post for me?! I have been so busy doing that there is no time to pause to report on it. I finished another swap for Christian Paper Artists, packed and mailed out 8 rubber stamp ebay auction sales and wrote another 11 auctions that I uploaded last night. I am signed up for a birdie inchie swap and am hosting a "women" ATC swap. Today I FINALLY posted reviews on the 7 zines I got in the last 7 for 7 Gleaner Zine swap only because I am seriously thinking of joining the latest swap and felt guilty for not following through on the first. My next zine working title is "Confessions of a Stampaholic". An ambitious project designed to force me to experiment with the hundreds of rubber stamps I have acquired over the past year or so and a place to ramble on about my obsession. Yes, it's only taken me a year to accumulate boxes of rubber stamps. My secret? Buy large lots of stamps on ebay, keep about half and sell off the other half to pay for my initial investment. I often make a profit too. And I get some INCREDIBLE rubber stamps in the process. Check out my current auctions. I have some rare, one of a kinds that I do not even know the makers of because someone had bought the designs in sheets and mounted the rubber dyes themself. I also buy some stamps just for myself when I find treasures hidden in a lot simply described as "Large Lot Mounted Rubber Stamps". Clocks, keys, collages, postoids, beautiful stamps by Stampington can be stumbled across in lots. Akin to rummaging through bins of mismarked items or bargains. That's me. A painfully frugal bargain hunter. heehee If I can find a stamp for a couple dollars, it's more exciting than paying $15 for the same stamp on the originator's website. Bargain hunting takes time, which is why I am so "busy, busy, dreadfully busy...." But, oh, the satisfaction!

Okay, time to go. My oldest is hovering and and whining about getting her turn on the computer. It's another snow day today, due to frozen sleet and the roads being too treaturous for the school buses. My husband, with truck driver training, almost went off the road in his four wheel drive truck and scared the poop out of himself so he forbid me to drive anywhere today. It was slippery walking into town the one block to the post office this morning so I didn't fight him on it. Hope you are warm and safe wherever you are.


Beth said... are so busy !!! I got winded just reading what you've been doing....huff puff, need air !

Don't ever forget how important you are and take time just for YOU !!! There is no selfishness in that.

You can't be the great mom and wife you are unless your soul is rested, comforted and content...and only you can make that happen.

I'm glad you are having so much fun in your swaps. I have a hard time with those, but that's a whole other story.

Stay warm....hugs, beth

Donna said...

Just BE Safe!! Poor Hubby! Bet that Did scare him!! Stay warm and dry sweetie!!

Useful Books (for putting things in) said...

Oh, snow! I miss it so. Easy to say when I can get out and go where I like, huh? We got four inches one day last month and it shut down the whole region for a solid day and a half. :)

I am so excited to be back! Thanks for noticing. Busy = bad to me. I need time to create! I marbled all day yesterday and have 17 covers glued up and ready to go! Yea!


Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting me! I often see your comments on sweet Nita's site. I love your idea about buying the stamps in lots. I'll have to check out your auctions! I'll be back again!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness. I am so behind. You have to posts up that I hadn't read. aaaaggghhhhh I love my pages you sent me from the tip in swap... I need to take a picture of them and put them on my blog. I keep forgetting. Well, I'm signed up for your ATC swap and you are signed up for my bird inchie swap. Aren't we the fun ones!!!!