Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Greetings

My sweet husband came home from work early yesterday bearing a huge bouquet of gorgeous red roses and one white rose tucked in for- purity? (true love?) I'm a little rusty on my flower language. The vase rises majestically above the clutter on my kitchen counter- a metaphor. Midst the domestic clutter in my life there is beauty to be found! Heehee. Okay, that's why I was an artist for Hallmark, not a writer! Here's hoping you get roses from your sweety and paper hearts in the mail today! The antique postcard above is post marked 1908.
The angelic Art Award is from my dear, faithful blog reading, friend Donna (Made in Heaven). Given to her blogging friends who artistically enrich and inspire her daily. Well, she enriches my life daily too. Here's to you, Donna! And in turn I would like to award 3 friends who always creatively inspire me; Beth, Linda, and Laura you are tops! Lori Roberts has been a recent discovery for me and Art Junk Girl, you are a woman after my own trash to treasure heart! I wish I had one of these beautiful awards to mail to each of you in person! A digital post will have to do. In turn Girls, send the love on to 5 others! For those of you not familiar with "borrowing" images ;) right click on the award and save it to your computer, then post on your blog! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!


Linda said...

Aren't you just the sweetest, most giving Valentine out there!!! Thank you so much for the honor! got yellow roses. (I live in Texas.....go figure) ha! Some years I get red's always a surprise. This is looking like a good day!

Lori Roberts said...

Nathalie thank you so much for an award! ME! OMG! I have never gotten one before. I love the saying on your blog about writing. That is oh so true. It made me smile. I would be honored to post the Angelic Award on my blog and name 5 others. How ironic I collect Angels! Do you think they knew? :) Just let me know what to do.
Peace to you my friend!

Donna said...

Why, it looks Lovely on your "desk"!!LOL Enjoy it, because it's true!! Have a fun day!!

Beth said...

Well your hubby sounds like a keeper and you are too kind with yet another award that you have bestowed upon me !!!

You make me laugh !!!
And yes...let's talk about more those big headed pages...I'd love to make one for you !

Laura said...

Thank you Nathalie!!! It is an honor to be mentioned, and to think that I can brighten someone's day makes me so happy!!!! I will work on responding to this award over the weekend!!!!

lots of love

red tin heart said...

Congrats on your award, and I loved my postcard. love nita <3

Useful Books (for putting things in) said...

Hey, Nathalie!
I know, I've been gone a long time. But I think things are falling back into line so I can get back in the saddle! I've actually been thinking of you quite a bit lately and hoping things are good with you.
Posts AND books coming soon!
As always, thanks for your interest and encouragement.

Donna said... have Another award at my place!! Have a fun night!!!

Amrita said...

Got to yor blog thru a google search. Lovely blog you have here. God bless