Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am not afraid to admit...

....That I organize in "piles". I sifted through some of those piles over the weekend and FINALLY found the small packet of vintage hole reinforcements I was hunting for a few weeks ago. These are a fabric of sorts and have a gluey back that you have to lick and stick. It meant I could finally finish this tag I had on hold until I got those hole reinforcers. I was not settling for the plastic self adhesive ones! I am also not afraid to admit that I obsess over details. heehee I wish the tag photographed better because it is really an amazing piece of found object art. The base is a beautifully faded voter's registration card (Grandma Templeton's - she just passed away last August at age 84 or so) that needed no distressing or antiquing. And for those of you looking for new ideas, I have two words for you- "old hairpins". Here I punched some tiny holes (with a tiny Stampin' Up! hole punch) into the card and wove the pin in with a costume jewelry pendant attached. You can also fasten papers together using the same technique.
Well, because I did some cleaning over the weekend, today I felt like I could play. A few days ago, I had cut apart a cardboard gift box into postcard and bookmark sized pieces and found those pieces today where I had left them on my computer desk (a new "pile" was starting). I decided today was the day to embellished a postcard for a friend. Ever have leftover bits from creating other art? That's what the "Art, Life" scrap is from. It was my working "rough" to try out colors and rubber stamps for a swap. Torn artistically, with a few extra embellishments added, it has new life as a postcard. There will be more scrap art in the next few days as I rummage through drawers in my studio.
Spring MUST be coming, because I am compelled to do some deep cleaning and organizing. Can you smell spring in the air? I just know the buds and blooms will be bursting out soon.


Linda said...

I LOVE the hairpin bit! Oh my goodness.... that is going to start showing up everywhere and we will know who did it first! You are so creative.

Beth said...

I'm a pile person, too !! Especially in my office !

The hair pin is soooo cool...I'll be looking for those this summer while I'm "fleaing" around !!!

And really, is Spring that close ? Here in the frozen tundra I've yet to smell it...DANG !!

Nathalie Thompson said...

Have I REALLY come up with something new? Really, I thought it had ALL been DONE! :)

red tin heart said...

I love the hairpin too. It is amazing. I have been cleaning things out myself. I want to get you something this weekend.
You have been there so many times with little gifts for me when I needed encouragement.
Do you know I look at those ATC Proverb cards all the time. Proverbs is my favorite book in the Bible.
You are a kind and loving person Nathalie and I pray God blesses you mightily. love nita

Donna said...

Pretty ideas!! My Grandmother had lots of those for her long hair. I'm also waiting for Spring!!!