Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birds Build Nests in the Darn'dest Places

Okay, so this nest sitting on my studio's window sill was not built by a bird there- I bought the (manufactured) nest from a local shop, because I just loved what an artistic, beautiful mess it was of all of the best "found" materials. I plan to move it around among my piles of things, but for now it sits on a window sill. Totally at home in the clutter.
But what started this train of thought was a chance sighting of a sparrow dragging building materials into the doorway of what I call a "canary condo"- you know those multiplex bird apartment houses for a certain type of bird that is very social (don't recall the name, but I'm sure someone will post to me about it... ). We have a decrepit one on a low, leaning (listing, even) post in our backyard. I have never seen a bird near it, let alone considering living in it, so I was a bit amazed and questioned the sparrow's decision. I was thinking we should have pulled the birdhouse complex down, because it's mostly rotted, but apparently there is a butt for every chair and a brave bird for every condemned property. heehee I like the sparrow's gumption. I am all about taking discards and making them into something functional or beautiful once again. And isn't that how a bird operates every day when it build a nest?


Beth said...

what a great story....I'm such a bird lover !!!

{and you are welcome}

Linda said...

I'm behind in blog reading!!!! Help! Oh...that sparrow has a heart like you. I love it. Take a picture, girl! I want to see this. Love the nest, too.... the bird inchies are ALL so wonderful. You are going to be very pleased!

Donna said...

What a neat little place for a "nest"! A bit of nature..indoors!! Have a happy day sweetie!! hughugs

Laura said...

Were you thinking Martin House? I love those...actually anything that has to do with birds. The other day I saw a show that claimed, (and proved) that pigeons are some of the most amazing animals that God created (okay, they didn't mention Him)...but still in awe!
Creatively Yours, Laura