Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birds on the Brain

You know what's cool about blogging? You meet such neat people that you wouldn't meet otherwise. I googled "Birdie Inchies" because I wanted to test what Linda told me- that my blog post on my birdie inchies came up when googled. All that to say that I also discovered Joanne's birdie inchies in the same search and that's how I came about making more, because she kindly invited me to join her birdie swap (once I introduced myself and blabbered on about birdie inchies- lol). I created the card above from one of those I made for her swap, forgetting to photograph the whole lot before I mailed them [smacking forehead]. I am really getting into inchies, like Linda, only she is the Inchie Queen (just recently she was hosting 3 swaps simultaneously!) Try some! Quick to create, fun to swap and easy to design with! It's easy to whip up a card or an ATC if you have some mini collages handy to start with.


Laura said...

Fantastic card Nathalie! I love all the layers, the tones, the textures, and how perfectly you used the bird inchie as the focal point. It's marvelous! I count myself very lucky to have one of your tiny treasures from our bird inchie swap ("Tender")...oohh do I LOVE it!!
Creatively Yours, Laura

Donna said...

They're pretty sweetie! Have fun today!hughugs

Linda said...

Well, aren't you the one! I love it. Ya know...Virginia and I are going to make one big canvas with a bunch of our inchies mounted!